Tulum Vibes

Have you ever been chatting with someone and the topic of travel comes up and you realize they’ve never been out of the country except for a Caribbean cruise or a trip to Cancun? And everyone is different and has different hobbies and interests that make them happy, but I immediately feel a little sad for them because I know their international experience was so commercialized and “Americanized” and I kind of know the rest of the conversation we won’t share as much common ground or we’ll have to find another topic to relate to each other on. (I know this makes me sounds like a travel snob I can’t help it) Well I had been to Cancun maybe 5 times and it’s pretty, but there’s so many more interesting places I’d rather go that’s totally different. So when my boyfriend and I found direct flights to Cancun from Charlotte for less than $300 round trip (shout out to Scott’s Cheap Flights), he was all about but I actually took some convincing. lol I’m much more excited about off the beaten path type places. I normally am not a big resort person as I like to try authentic local cuisine and explore more and be adventurous. He’s very much a resort person and loves Cancun. I had seen pictures of Tulum on Instagram years ago and really wanted to go. He wasn’t sure about it. So we went to Tulum. lol We did compromise actually because we did 3 days in Tulum and 3 days in Cancun at a resort so we both got the experience we wanted. I loved Tulum. I could have stayed there the whole time and will definitely be back. It’s a plant based foodie’s Mecca. There’s elements of burning man, maybe a dash of Bali without a crazy long flight, and all the conveniences Americans love. And I’ve never been anywhere that is so accommodating to dietary restrictions. So much fresh, good food (not resort food for me 😛 )

Ok, so I went to Tulum in March 2019 and I’m only now getting to share this with you. Since then, I’ve lost 10 lbs and changed in a lot of ways. It’s funny these pictures were less than a year ago but it seems like ages ago. We found it cheaper to stay in the jungle near Tulum Town and take taxis (or you can bike) to the beach. Next time, I’d like to stay on the beach but it’s definitely a difference in price and anywhere on the beach is more expensive. We were only a few miles away so it really wasn’t bad to commute every day, but there’s just something about waking up and walking out to the beach that’s really lovely.

My friend /health guru Ingrid went to Tulum recently and her posts made we want to share this draft I started and never published. She hit the nail on the head because a lot of places are over hyped and pretentious and not worth it. Everyone knows that hotel that has tree houses in the restaurant and you go for the photo op. Wellllll I tried to go twice. And now I’m glad they weren’t accommodating and we didn’t dine there because I’ve heard from several people it’s mediocre and incredibly overpriced. They told me I couldn’t dine there unless I was staying at the hotel, but apparently they let you dine if you commit to a certain spend amount. So glad we passed on it because let’s be real, I actually just wanted a cocktail at the bar and to take a quick picture.

There are so many incredible restaurants with the best food. We dined at Rosa Negra twice. Highly recommend. The service, food, presentation, ambiance was so good. And the thing to to do during the day is find a beach club with a minimum spend and lounge and have an aperol spritz and enjoy the music. We went in March, but I’d like to go back around NYE because that’s when it looks like the best parties are happening. We were looking for something upbeat everyday maybe like a dance club but couldn’t find it. Everything was mellow and relaxing and that suited us fine too.

What to bring: don’t even bother with heels. I brought some because I knew we were going to dinner at the resort in Cancun after Tulum, but next time I won’t pack any. You’ll see a mix of people dressed to the nine’s for dinner and people just coming off the beach. I brought some maxi dresses and some transitional outfits from day to night. Next time, I’d like to buy some of the local coverups and dresses there at the little markets by the beach. They’re not cheap, but so beautiful and really nicely made and they look so different from anything you can buy in the U.S.

I wish I knew about Casa Malca, Pablo Escobar’s mansion because apparently, there’s a great beach club there with really good food and it sounds right up my alley.

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Whenever I Wake Up and Put on My Makeup


Last month I went to Denver, Colorado by myself for 5 days. I’ve been to Denver a few times and I really gravitate towards places where there’s a mix of nature and city. I love that you can dress up or dress down and everyone seems very easy going and non judgmental. I have honestly thought about relocating to Denver for a couple of years now and on my agenda was to look into neighborhoods I liked and to see if I really wanted to take concrete steps towards a move. As much as I love Denver, the other part of me would rather live in Europe. lol So maybe for now I’ll just visit until I figure out exactly what I want. Something I really enjoyed this trip was just taking my time. My life is so rushed and chaotic and just sitting still is such a luxury. Traveling alone I could really go at whatever pace I felt like and I love playing with makeup when I’m not in a rush to be out the door. In my everyday routine, I do my makeup in maybe 20 minutes or less and don’t experiment much. This trip, I played with my makeup and went slow and oh my gosh it made such a difference. I’ve been using mostly clean makeup lately when I can, with a few exceptions. All products are listed at the bottom of this post and I recorded a getting ready video on IGTV also that broke down into 3 parts!

On a side note, something I thought was interesting is normally I get approached when I’m alone in my hometown or traveling elsewhere, and I chatted with a married couple one day and connected with some really nice local restaurant staff. I kept going back to Jax for their oyster happy hour (with a side of champagne, please) but I noticed this trip I didn’t get a approached by any guys. Like once. lol not that I was looking but after 4 days I commented to a bartender about it and he was like… you look taken so no one is going to talk to you. You look like you’re waiting for your husband. And so I dressed down and literally wore my gym clothes to brunch after that and it didn’t make a difference. lol But maybe I’ll make more friends next time. Daniel from Jax was so accommodating and even wrote down a list of favorite places for me to check out during my visit and while we were chatting, a retired married couple sat down next to me and we started talking about the neighborhood and they were soooooo sweet. They chimed in and gave me their recommendations for favorite places and when I found out it was the woman’s birthday I told Daniel to let me buy her drink for her when I was leaving. And I wasn’t going to bring this up because I get so much satisfaction of a nice gesture if no one knows about it, but I went back the next day because I’m addicted to Jax’s oysters and calamari and Daniel said she cried! And they wanted my information and I honestly felt the same but didn’t want to be a weirdo giving this retired couple my number when I was there visiting. But it was so funny because I guess they told him they wanted to exchange information but felt weird about it too. lol But Dan said I’m a good human being and it kind of made my trip and I left my info for when they came in again since it’s their neighborhood spot and they texted me on Christmas Eve and it kind of made my day. But if you’re ever at a bar or something, try treating someone to a drink if you can especially if you can do it anonymously, it’s seriously the best feeling to do something nice for someone with no expectation. It was definitely the best thing I did while I was there. IMG_9493IMG_9570IMG_9571 2IMG_9494IMG_9488IMG_9490

Shop all makeup products here: http://liketk.it/2IHge http://liketk.it/2IHg6

Let me know any makeup products not linked and I’ll update! And feel free to ask any questions 🙂 As you can see, I’m a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury & Lawless. Sooo good!

My Tanning Routine

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I used to get spray tans really regularly (about once a week) and I love having a bit of color. It makes your eyes brighter, teeth look whiter, you look slimmer and more toned and who doesn’t want a more even skin tone and a healthy glow? I also don’t wear as much makeup and it saves me time getting ready when I have a tan. Read my blog post here about my old spray tan routine.

This year, I canceled my spray tan membership after finding two new ride or die products. It’s so much easier doing this at home now and one of the products is free of chemicals, vegan and organic. I also think what I’ve been doing looks a bit more natural than the spray tans I used to get.

I also use Isle of Paradise tan remover between tanning when I’m ready to exfoliate and I dry brush after the shower to prep my skin. All tanning products linked here for you!

Intermittent Fasting & How to Lower Cortisol

This morning I’m feeling very reflective. I’ve missed how therapeutic writing can be for me and I have seasons of my life where I want to share more and seasons where I’m deep in personal development and working on myself and I’ve noticed when I’m in that space, I naturally share less. But I’ve truly missed the blog and the entire reason I have it is so that I can connect and share with others so I’m happy to be back 😊 I have content from Mexico, Italy, France, and Greece to share but first as I dip my toe back into the blogging world, I want to share something that may provide some value to you. While it is not necessarily travel related, it is something heavily influenced by my travels and observing and appreciating other cultures and truly being fascinated with health and wellness practices in other cultures.

The focus of this blog has been travel, beauty, and fashion, but I hope you don’t mind if I sprinkle in some health and wellness posts from time to time because it’s so interesting to me and if it helps someone along their journey, that makes me feel happy and fulfilled. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I’ll be back to travel posts soon!

To share my background, I’ve worked in the health and wellness industry since 2008, I surround myself with healthy people I can learn from and hope their practices rub off on me, and I absorb on average an hour of health related content per day normally in the form of a podcast. On a personal level, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2015 when I returned to the U.S. after studying abroad in Italy and I spent months after that experimenting with different foods and realized I could alleviate all my symptoms by eating real, Whole Foods and adapting my diet to be more Mediterranean. I naturally gravitated to certain foods because that’s what my body needed at that time to heal and I did my best to listen to it.

While I’ve eaten healthier (mostly pescatarian/ vegetarian, minimal processed foods) there is a piece of the puzzle I discovered this past year that has seriously been life changing.

All my life, I’ve never been one to wake up hungry and eat breakfast. I remember as early as middle school not eating breakfast and my health teacher telling me I “needed breakfast to jump start my metabolism” so I started eating breakfast which consisted of a granola bar on the way to school because at her advice I didn’t want to stall or ruin my metabolism so I was eating when I was not hungry in the mornings and after I started eating breakfast, I gained a few pounds. I was also hungry an hour or two later when normally I wasn’t hungry until later in the afternoon. Eventually, I returned to not eating breakfast and felt better but I felt like I was maybe being unhealthy by only eating twice a day even though that’s what my body wanted and I felt better. It’s so interesting to me how we are told to eat 3 meals a day AND snacks and most of us don’t live very active lifestyles and are very sedentary.

So I’ve never been a big breakfast eater. When I’m busy, I don’t even think about lunchtime until 1pm, 2pm or later most days and often it’s not because I’m hungry, it’s because I know it’s “lunchtime” and I’m supposed to eat. An important thing to note is in the morning, I drink water and I’ve taken my coffee black for years (occasionally I would have an almond/oat milk latte if I wanted something fun and I noticed if I did that, I was starving within a few hours). After learning more about satiety, insulin levels, and how it’s not even necessarily about consuming calories but about triggering certain responses within your body I’ve been fascinated and it’s like I had an Aha! Moment where everything I’ve been doing makes sense now.

Earlier this year, I had a big life change and was between careers for a few months and for the first time in my life, I wasn’t super busy all day, I was home more and I was still being productive and actually working out wayyy more at the gym, but I was so excited about having time at home that I started eating breakfast really for the first time in my adult life regularly. (When I travel, food is a big part of the experience so I’ve always eaten breakfast like maybe a croissant with my espresso but I’ve never been hungry for breakfast and I’ve always preferred to eat it later never first thing) So anyways, I started eating a healthy breakfast of oatmeal or a smoothie and like I mentioned, I made a point to be much more active because I had free time and was working out more, but I felt sluggish, I gained weight – and I’m not just going by the scale but going by body fat percentage and it didn’t take long for me to realize breakfast was the only change I’d made so I went back to my old way of eating and dropped those pesky 10-12lbs. I also noticed when I ate breakfast, I was starving all day. Eating made me hungrier and I thought about food and what I was going to eat all day long. I had still been eating healthy and not necessarily more calories which I want to mention because for me it wasn’t about calories in, calories out. The proof was in the pudding and with all this free time I decided to research and I came across a term I’d never heard before called “intermittent fasting”. I chalked it up to a fad diet, the next big Hollywood craze that health and wellness gurus were pushing but the more I explored the data behind it and how much better I felt when I delayed my eating, I couldn’t ignore it and wanted to learn everything I could about the topic.


I quickly learned the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2016, Yoshinori Ohsumi, a Japanese scientist, won the award for his research on the effects of fasting, cellular renewal and rejuvenation and the autophagy of the body that takes place during the fasted state. It’s truly remarkable the way your body heals itself, ridding the body of damaged or mutated cells i.e. potentially cancerous cells, and fasting has been proven to reduce inflammation, improve gut and digestive health, balance hormones and prevent disease. It also Slows! The! Aging! Process! What?!

So for the past few months I’ve learned as much as I can and have experienced so many healing benefits from having a shorter eating window but still eating whatever I want and sometimes a pretty large volume of food if I’ve lifted weights or am extra hungry that day. I want to emphasize that this does not feel restrictive to me at all and I’m not hungry all day and I eat more now that I used to eat.

The fasting process ramps up fat burning between hours 17-24 hours of fasting and I normally do an extra long fast on Mondays. Your human growth hormone becomes very active during that time and it’s been way easier for me to build muscle and reduce body fat and I don’t feel the pressure I used to feel to work out every day anymore but I prefer to work out most days. I like working out first thing in the mornings in a fasted state. If I miss a work out, it’s not a big deal because my body is still burning fat and it’s seriously never been easier to maintain my weight. I have been so rigid in the past, and analyzed everything I ate and would have to work so hard to be in a certain weight range that this has given me so much freedom and I wish I had this knowledge years ago because it would have saved me a lot of stress and food guilt.

The great thing about fasting is the freedom that comes with it. You can decide a great eating window for you is a 6 hour or 8 hour window. For me, I feel best when it’s less than 4 hours a day. I enjoy the Autophagy benefits and I don’t get into ketosis until at least 17 hours of fasting and it feels so great I want to keep that feeling going. (When I mention ketosis I’m not referring to the ketogenic diet at all, but the ketosis that happens when you’re in a fasted state for a period of time).

Benefits I’ve noticed for myself are improved energy, increased clarity and focus, no more brain fog, I’m laser focused when I’m fasting and more productive, and friends have said I look radiant and glowing, I have smoother skin, scars have healed, my eyelashes are longer and thicker, I have had keratosis pilaris (aka chicken skin) on the backs of my arms for as long as I can remember and gone to several dermatologists and tried different things and I had just accepted that I would always have it and it’s completely gone. I went to the dentist recently and my teeth are stronger and in better condition and I can tell my gums are healthier too. My eyes seem lighter, brighter and clearer, I don’t generally feel bloated anymore and I actually feel a lot more relaxed when it comes to food now and things that I’ll eat that I would never eat before. I’ll truly eat dessert and wine in my window and not gain weight. I generally crave healthy, nutritious food, but knowing I can enjoy what I want and not stress about it because my body will burn the fat tomorrow is such a great feeling. I also feel like I’m a more organized person, I’m less hungry and don’t think about food all day, I am saving money because I’ve gravitated towards eating after 5p.m. lately so I generally just eat one meal a day and have a longer window on the weekends. I also wanted to mention I don’t think it’s a coincidence so many religions incorporate fasting as part of their religious practices because it’s almost a meditative state now that I’ve been doing it regularly and I can see how people encourage it to feel more “enlightened”. I also want to point out, I shared with my doctor that I fast and was hesitant to hear her reaction and she was so supportive, said she loves it and she does it and prescribes it to her patients (specifically the ones with type 2 diabetes).

I’ve struggled with blood sugar issues since I was a teenager and was hypoglycemic to the point where I would shake and faint at times and I felt like I had to eat every two hours or I would die and fasting has balanced my blood sugar and insulin levels so unless I accidentally break my fast too early, I never have those symptoms anymore and they really affected me for years. One morning recently I had lemon ginger tea with cinnamon in it and immediately became shaky and was absolutely starving so I had to eat immediately so I’ve realized for me, it breaks my fast to have teas or cinnamon in my coffee.

Some books I can recommend on the topic are: Delay Don’t Deny, The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung, Feast Without Fear, and I love Gin Stephen’s podcast, Intermittent Fasting Stories.

I was listing to the “Pardon My French” podcast and I love listening to Ingrid De La Mare Kenny’s views of health and wellness because she’s an expert, has a great sense of humor and tells it like it is.  She said in France, doctors prescribe intermittent fasting and have for generations (even if that’s not what it’s called) and she speaks a lot on the effects of cortisol, the stress hormone, on weight gain.

I mentioned I wait until 5p.m. most days to eat and I realized after listening to Ingrid, I was eating lunch in the American way of rushed eating, at my desk, sometimes cramming some healthy lunch in my mouth in a period of 15 minutes, not taking time to enjoy it at all and normally multitasking in some way. She explains how the French (and many other Europeans who make eating an art form) take 2 hours to eat a meal. They eat rich food full of fat, rarely salads but they are in good company, having good conversation, savoring and enjoying and eating slowly. They are sitting up at a table letting their digestive tract work easily and because they are in a happy relaxed state generally, their cortisol is not raised and they are not holding onto weight. She also in a joking French way points out how it is so “un-chic” to eat while standing, walking, driving, at your desk and it’s a very normal way for American’s to eat but I’ve realized I really don’t like eating in a rush, while I’m multitasking. I like to wait until I’m home from the day and take my time and make dinner an experience that I really enjoy and look forward to all day. She also says eat outside or be active outside as much as you can because it lowers your cortisol levels to be in natural light and she eats bread and cheese or dessert or whatever she wants, but she also eats real food just not in outrageous portions. She explains the French actually believe salads are unhealthy to eat because it’s hard for you to digest and causes stress on your gut to break it down and I love hearing a different perspective from another culture. They also eat probiotics and prebiotics but don’t take supplements. Like you don’t see GNC’s in France or gyms on every corner. They use a common sense, simplistic approach that I sometimes need to be reminded of. When you look at the life expectancy in Monaco where she lives (89.4 years old) compared to the life expectancy in the (U.S. 78.6 years old) or the obesity statistics, the data speaks for itself and honestly this way of eating is much more fun and enjoyable and who doesn’t want to reduce stress in their lives?! I’m all about researching the “blue zone” areas that have higher life expectancy because they’re obviously onto something. I hope this post provided some value to you and I’ll be back to posting travel content very soon 🙂


Sports bra linked here. Favorite leggings (better than LuluLemon and way cheaper)


Amazon Shop

Well hello there! I’ve been delinquent in updating my blog with travel posts and I have a few drafts saved that I’ll be uploading soon! This year I had a wedding in Cancun, went back to Cancun in February then to Tulum for the first time (amazing!). I had a few domestic trips to favorites like Charleston. This summer, I snagged tickets to Europe for about $360 roundtrip Charlotte to Paris! (Scott’s Cheap Flights is theeeee best!) So if you follow along on Instagram, you know I spent a few weeks in July in Paris, then Rome and even made it back to Mykonos! You guys know how much I love traveling and I like to save money where I can so I’m able to go on even more trips!

I also get asked a lot about products I use or my recommendations so I’ve been looking for an organized way to share all that information with you and hopefully save you some money along the way!

So I started a curated list to have everything in one place and honestly I use it all the time to remember what I need to buy! haha

I have saved everything from what fluoride – free toothpaste I use, to travel accessories, to boots and sweaters for fall, my favorite candle, and all of my beauty products and even how I store it. I really don’t like going to the store and some places only carry certain brands so I love having everything on Amazon that I buy regularly like my shaving cream and then I can just do an easy reorder. I also saved my favorite hair ties and the facial massager I use everyday to depuff!

This year, I’ve gotten really into investing in anything that brings me comfort at home. So in my cozy home category, you’ll find the exact bedding I use, my favorite slippers and robe, what diffuser I like, you get the idea! I also started a book list and even a tanning list with things I use all the time! The shoes section might just be my favorite. I have everything from Apl’s to stiletto’s saved there!

And I just created a health & wellness tab and a fitness tab. In my health & wellness tab, there’s a coffee scrub that had saved my skin! I started having very sensitive skin and this has been the only thing that’s helped me! I use it religiously on any problem areas and if I skip it for a day, my skin gets inflamed again. (It specifically helps with Kp and psoriasis). I spent so much money and went to see a dermatologist a few times and nothing worked and then this stuff was magic. So I know everyone’s skin is different, but if you’re like me and had tried everything, try it!

I also saved my favorite deodorants here and even the baby washcloths I use for my face.

In for the traveler, you’ll find gadgets like adapters, the neck pillow I like, travel sized products, gift ideas for travelers, luggage and a selfie light 🙂

Check out my entire storefront here and if there’s anything I forgot to add, please let me know or if you have questions about any of the products! I’ll be adding to this list regularly and updating things all the time! You can “follow” my storefront on Amazon too!


Gift Ideas for the Traveler

I figured my traveler friends or those who are buying for travelers might like a list of all travel related gifts! You can see my amazon finds all in one place here 

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 4.24.10 PM

  • globe from etsy
  • globe ornaments 
  • any travel size toiletries or other products from sephora all here
  • Travel Size skin care on sale at Sephora in gift sets!
  • compression socks or this
  • Travel books
  • TSA Pre-Check or better yet, Global Entry
  • Miles
  • Southwest Airlines Gift Card
  • luggage
  • packing cubes
  • monogrammed luggage tags
  • softest buttery travel blanket
  • eye mask
  • neck pillow
  • Carry-on Cocktail Kit
  • Scratch Off World Map Poster
  • Packing List
  • Camera + accessories
  • Selfie Light


And the best gift you could get a traveler is really… a trip! haha but if you can’t swing that I hope my list gives you some Inspo! Shop my picks directly on my amazon list!

Hints of Burgundy


You guys know I don’t like to spend a ton on clothes… my travel budget is way too important to me.

I was walking through the mall the other day and passed the Stuart Weitzman shoe store and just kept walking. If you’re not familiar, their over-the-knee boots are all over social media. (You know – the ones all the bloggers and fashion influencers wear?) After sampling some Nespresso – I decided what the heck. I’m going to try some on. So I walked back to the store and tried on a pair. (They were on sale so only a cool $700. yikes) And guess what? They were nothing special. I always thought I wanted a pair but I didn’t really get the hype after trying them on. How funny that I’ve almost fantasized about them and when they were in front of me I was like, “eeeh” .

I got these over the knee boots off amazon for $40 and I actually like that the heel is different – so not quite a dupe but I’m really happy I found some over the knee boots at this price point that actually STAY up. I’ve had over the knee boots that are too loose or become slouchy and these are going to be on repeat.

Skirt was $8 from Forever21. Black turtleneck body suit on sale for $9 here!

I started saving ideas for travel related gifts here but I would love to hear what you guys think!


White After Labor Day

IMG_6019IMG_6022IMG_6023IMG_2151 2IMG_6024IMG_5672IMG_2144 3IMG_6026IMG_5674IMG_6025I love wearing white even more in the Fall & Winter because you don’t see it everyday and it’s fun to have a different look. Top  ($11 right now with 50% off code) White jeans (60% off) The leopard shoes are Coach and so pretty but they are too small for me so I had to switch out after 1 photo and I’ve actually never worn them before. I’d love to gift them so if anyone’s interested, comment below! (They are size 10 – but I’d say more like a 9.5)

I’m heading somewhere tropical in 2 weeks from today and I cannot wait! This was the first super cold day where the high was in the 40’s and I’m sooo stir crazy so it will be nice to get away.

I’m putting together a travel related gift guide and I’d love to hear – what are you must have’s when it comes to traveling? I almost always bring a book and I love packing sheet masks or other types of face masks because traveling can be so dehydrating on your skin.

Also – looking for warm weather clothes so comment your favorite shops for summer clothes/ bikinis!

Autumn Uniform

IMG_5987IMG_2052IMG_2063 3IMG_2077IMG_2078 2IMG_2079 2IMG_2082IMG_2090 2IMG_2113IMG_2117IMG_2124 2IMG_2125 2

I have been living in these JBrand jeans I got 60% off, a Gucci dupe belt I paid $12 for and  this $18 (It’s actually 50% off right now with code YEAH50 – so only $9! black bodysuit turtleneck. I love this turtleneck so much, when they went on sale, I got another one in black, a white one, and a camel colored one.

Coat is actually Forever21 but really good quality! Bag is a Koret Vintage handbag I got in a shop in Boone off King Street. (I think it’s from the 60’s which is super cool to me – and it was under $20)

I know it seems I’ve taken a different direction from my normal travel posts and I want to start incorporating some fashion posts into my blog again because I really do enjoy fashion but I’ve always struggled with feeling like I was giving up a trip if I did go shopping.

This year, I became a lot more minimalistic with all of my things. I got rid of a ton of stuff and consciously decided to start getting rid of things that didn’t bring me joy anymore or didn’t suit me. So many of my clothes were still from high school so I cleaned out most of my wardrobe but I am replacing items with things that will hopefully be classics or are neutrals so they are easy to travel with and will last a long time without feeling outdated. And no more trendy pieces. Like 1 pair of white jeans, 1 pair of black jeans, etc. I don’t need multiples just one really good pair.

I’m still trying to keep a minimum so that I still have a minimalistic feeling if that makes sense. I was just so over having a ton of stuff that didn’t make me happy and this way, I feel a bit more “grown up” without feeling guilty that I’m taking away from a travel budget. Let me know if any of you relate! I feel like travel makes you realize you don’t need that many things really. And this book is amazing and I recommend it especially if you’re holding onto clutter.

I started saving a lot of outfits and gift ideas all in one place to make it easier so check out my amazon profile here! Putting together a post on gift ideas for the traveler! And what I use to edit my photos can be found here.

FALL-ing for you

IMG_2017IMG_2018IMG_2019IMG_2020IMG_2023IMG_2024IMG_2026IMG_2032IMG_2033As much as I love Summer, I feel like Fall is hard not to love. This top is from LookBook years ago but I found some similar styles here. I love the softness of it and you can wear it with skirts, shorts, jeans, slacks. And it is so soft! Skirt from Forever 21. Similar ones here!

I hope you don’t mind me sharing some posts that aren’t travel related. But it’s fun to show some of my hometown when I’m here.

Again, I’m so happy I got these presets on sale because I edited all these pictures with ONE click. I can put photos together in 5 minutes now so I feel more encouraged to post more often and they make the biggest difference.

Don’t worry, travel posts will be back soon! Going somewhere tropical in about 2 weeks!



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