Lessons Learned

We are not “regret” people… and tend to believe that every past experience has led us to be the people who are today.

That being said – here are some of the lessons learned along the way:

1) Do not trim your own bangs. Ever.  Even if you have an epiphany about how great they would look on you and feel the urge to do it right then…. resist that urge, people.  On that note, whenever you do decide to randomly transform your hair and suffer the pangs of immediate regret remember these two words “HAIR GROWS”. 

2) Do not try to eat anything barbecued while wearing white.  Very bad idea.

3) If you are angry, get offline.  Turn off your phone.  Once something is said in anger – it’s out there and you can’t take it back.

4) Most of us girls learned this lesson as teenagers… be very careful when plucking your own eyebrows.  It’s easy to get carried away.  I wish someone had told me this early on. 

5) SAVE.SAVE.SAVE.  Start having a budget early on.  If you’re already in the habit of being in a budget it will be much easier than starting when you absolutely have to. And don’t look at budgets as a punishment – instead of things, you have money!  Tip: Only buy things if you absolutely LOVE them.  Don’t buy anything impulsively.  Leave the store and if you still find yourself longing for that item sleep on it.  If you really want it then you’ll find time to go back for it.  I also try to think about how many hours I would have to work to pay for that item.  (If someone said to you – “Would you work x amount of hours for this item?”, would you?  If the answer is “no” then skip it.  Chances are you’ll forget about how badly you wanted it in a few hours anyways.  When I moved recently I came across so many things that I bought because I reasoned with myself that I “needed” them and now I wish I could have the money instead and INVEST it. You live, you learn.

6) This always seems to happen when you’re working on the majorest of major projects.  Your computer shuts off.  Everything is lost.  Hit “save” every 5 seconds.  It will save you so much grief if you’ve ever lost all of your work.

7) Girls & Guys – Be single and ENJOY it.  And while you’re single focus on yourself and self-improvement… so that by the time you meet an oh-so-special someone you are even more amazing than you already are.  And have even higher standards than ever before.  Learn a new language, get another degree, work out allll the time and focus on your professional career.  Grow as much as you possibly can.  The happier you are by yourself the happier you have the potential to be with someone else.  Besides, what if this is the last time you’re ever single? LIVE. IT. UP.

8) You have the key to your own happiness.  Change your way of thinking.  Choose to be optimistic and let things roll off your shoulders.  Take a deep breath and ask yourself if in the grand scheme of things if it’s really worth being upset over.  You’ll live longer.  You’ll be more attractive to others.  And you’ll be more successful in everything you do.  If you don’t like your situation FIX IT.

9) Don’t “hunt” guys.  They don’t like it and it makes you look desperate.  I would never ever want to be “that” girl who is still texting some guy even though he wants nothing to do with her.  I’m a strong believer that  guys should pursue girls anyways.  I hate seeing girls chase after guys.  Let them chase you.  It’s half the fun.

10) Don’t eat it unless it’s worth the calories.  Certain things are just worth gaining a pound or two for.

11) Be careful who you surround yourself with.  Aim to be friends with those who are of a good quality.  It’s far better to have a few friends that you can genuinely count on as opposed to many who aren’t very worthwhile to have around.  Whether you want to or not you end up absorbing things from those who you spend time with.  It’s always better to have friends who are a little wiser, more experienced, and more mature than you so that you can learn from them.  And if they have a boat that’s a plus, too.  JK.  But… really if you can find friends that have a boat shoot for that.

12) Bro’s before Ho’s.

13) Try your best to not burn bridges if it can be helped.   Leave a business on good terms.  Refrain from speaking badly about exes if you can.  The faster you can let go of any bitterness and resentment the happier you will be.  Only wish good things for them even if it didn’t end well.  You’ll feel better. 

14) Ladies, I know you may like to wear red lipstick from time to time and you do look chic.  But let me fill you in… most guys can’t STAND it. 

15) Guys, do not wear puka shell necklaces. Just… don’t do it.

16) Spending time with the wrong person is just time wasted.  True, you learn from the experience and it DOES shape you.  And sometimes you can’t move on until going back for a second round and after the punches roll, maybe you wish you hadn’t.  Sometimes you need to go back to have that extra push towards moving on without a shred of doubt.  After that second round… RUN.  Far away.  Again – wasting time with the wrong person is just time wasted.  This applies to friendships and relationships. 

 Lots of Love


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14 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

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      1. heh… I’ve been posting to the WWW since 1995. There’s a fair bit of almost embarrassing up there, and some quite embarrassing as well. There’s always a good reference point in these things, to see how far I’ve come, but also to remind myself … there’s a fair bit of travel yet.

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      2. This is awesome! I can’t believe you wrote it so long ago, I was traveling in Italy and Spain in 2011 and haven’t returned yet… so ashamed of myself. I have to make my kids read your blog. I want them so bad to travel and to take much of your advise. You are a very talented and wise girl xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. aww thank you!! That really means so much to me. I believe kids should definitely be traveling as much as they can and what a great parent you are to encourage that. It’s so nice you’re in a position where you can do that for them. My parents aren’t big travelers so they don’t always understand me. haha!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I really wrote this years ago and parts are almost embarrassing to look back on but it’s how I felt in the moment and I need a little reminder of this sometimes : ) I’m so glad someone feels the same and shares the same thoughts! Reblogging it is quite the compliment XO


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