Rapunzel, Rapunzel..

Day 1: after a few hours (somewhat tousled)
Day 1: after a few hours (somewhat tousled)

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I don’t like to spend a lot of time doing my hair or getting ready so these are some lazy girl tips and tricks I’ve found work best for me to have a low maintenance style I can get a few day’s wear out of. This all kind of started when I would go on trips with my dad and brother because they would take only a few minutes to get ready and I had to keep up with them so I resorted to finding lots of ways to get ready in a hurry.

Before I begin, let me first say this is what works for me and my hair and may not be what works for you, but it’s certainly made my life easier and I hope this helps. 🙂

Hair It Is… 

The one thing I’ve done that has made the biggest difference in my hair’s health and texture is washing it less. Years ago when my hairdresser told me to wait a few days between shampoos I thought the idea was gross and that my hair would look awful… Well, it did.

Your hair if used to being washed everyday will produce oils right on cue because that is what it’s been trained to do. Gradually, I went every other day..then every few days.. and eventually I could go 3/4 days without washing my hair and without it looking oily! Be forewarned, it did take a few months for my hair to fully adjust. That being said, my hair grew faster, was healthier and hey – you’re using less product and less time, you get to sleep in later and be a little lazier! All good things to me.

Dry shampoo is your friend. (They make it for dark hair too now which is awesome)

In lieu of dry shampoo I’ve been using a salt spray on my roots/crown. (The salt absorbs the oil). Mine is by Davines and smells amazing. Perfect for full-bodied beachy hair.

Another thing that’s improved my hair is using a clarifying shampoo to reduce any product build up (every other time I shampoo). Shampoo with sulfates in it isn’t great for you hair, but if you’ve been using one that contains sulfates and you switch to a sulfate – free shampoo be prepared for dryness in your hair FYI. I deep condition my hair about once a week. When washing out conditioner, it’s best to use cold water to rinse because it seals the cuticle. I’m a fan of hot showers so I’ll wash the conditioner out in the sink using cool water.

And if your hair is just not working with ya, you can't go wrong with a big braid
And if your hair is just not working with ya, you can’t go wrong with a big braid

Detangler (Brand: It’s a 10!) also has leave in conditioner/heat protectant in it. A little goes a long way.

wet brush (I use this daily and got a 2 pack off amazon. Only thing is you can’t use with heat)

apply a small amount of “fast food” for hair leave-in conditioner in your ends. (if you apply throughout your hair it will weigh it down)

Using a round brush I blow my hair out with my Harry Josh blow dryer. Honestly, this initially appealed to me because the Victoria’s Secret angels were being styled with it but it cuts the time in half!! I had a $50 coupon code for it – it is pricey but supposed to last years & years.

After blowing it out, I typically apply a little serum, coconut oil, or Moroccan oil. Generally, I think the less product the better. Keeping it simple is best!

Using my curling wand I got off Groupon (only $21.99 – normally $183 WHATTTT), I curl large sections away from my face. Takes 5 minutes now that I’m used to it. I keep the hair around the wand about 10 seconds. Depending on the curls you want, I pin them if I want bouncier, set curls but I prefer kind of messy curls so I only let it cool for a few minutes. The longer the curls cool in the same shape the longer they typically last. A brand I would recommend for any of their hot tools is ghd.

Day 1 - pinned to set for bouncy curls
Day 1 – pinned to set for bouncy curls

Not a big fan of hair spray. I think hair should be soft and manageable and you should be able to run your fingers though it. I only use it  sparingly (if I do use it).

After using heat on my hair, I don’t use heat on it again for a few days. I reason that if I style it once and it will last a while then it’s not really that bad. I normally get more compliments on the 2nd or 3rd day after I’ve styled it when it’s the messy bedhead loose waves.

Day 2
Day 2

Satin pillowcase. If you don’t have one, get one. My hair stays relatively smooth while I’m sleeping and there’s less breakage. Added benefit- it’s also better for your eyelashes, doesn’t leave any red marks on your face and is supposed to cause less wrinkles. Mine are charcoal grey and I got them off amazon (as I do pretty much everything because it’s cost effective and I avoid shopping). If you’re really trying to avoid breakage, stay away from towel-drying your hair and use an old t-shirt instead.

Typically I get a hair cut every 3 months or so (you don’t need to do every six weeks unless you have considerable damage)

Bettina Howard is my hairdresser and you can book with her at Sanctuary Salon in Cornelius. She’s an all around great lady and has somehow managed to keep my long hair relatively healthy through being blonde, brunette, black, and back to red/blonde. She was able to take me from brunette to red/blonde in ONE sitting which is a challenge for any hairdresser. (Granted, it took 4 hours, we ordered a pizza and drank sangria staying open after hours) But she’s so fun I was able to sit still for that long which is kind of unheard of.

day 3
day 3

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