Cooking with Blue Apron

I tend to eat like an unchaperoned kid at a birthday party. It’s sooo bad. I am basically.. the cookie monster. In disguise. inspirational-cookie-monster

Truthfully, when it comes to diet, like most things in my life I’m kind of all or nothing. I’m either very, very good or very, very bad (normally the latter).

I10864775_1512950868973861_598524110_an an effort to eat healthier (more like a grown up) and to learn some new cooking skills, I’ve been cooking with Blue Apron for a while now. This way if I’m hosting I can come up with something better than a very fancy platter of goldfish. (cough… not that that’s ever happened… cough)

I also have been trying all kinds of different foods that I really didn’t think I would like and some of the combinations sounded strange but it’s all been amazing. They send you ingredients along with recipes for the whole week and it’s so yummy (be ready to share). It runs about $60 a week for 3 generously sized meals and I’ve even gifted some meals to friends and family (after a couple weeks they give you free meals to give away). You can skip receiving meals for up to 6 weeks so it makes sense for me. I’ve been grocery shopping much less, no food is going to waste, and I feel much more confident in the kitchen now and will use these recipes again and again. Get 2 free meals when you sign up here. I’ve cooked about 15 meals and no one has died so that’s pretty exciting ; )

My brother really enjoyed the meals I got for him and he’s even continued cooking with the recipes and made large enough portions for the week because he liked it so much.

Some of my favorites:

Pan roasted salmon ramen with spicy miso broth
Pan roasted salmon ramen with spicy miso broth
This was so good we didn’t even talk to each other during dinner.
beef bolognese
cod cooked with banana leaves… it was so flavorful because the leaves sealed in all the spices. I normally don’t even like fish!
Chicken with potatoes and the best gravy made with maple syrup & lemon zest.
Chicken with potatoes and the best gravy made with maple syrup & lemon zest.
Mexican style Beef casserole with quinoa


Pulled chicken tacos with Jicama
Southern beef & collard green stew with cheddar grits
Thai Shrimp soup with red curry, jasmine rice, and lemongrass
Buffalo chicken wings
The best chili with tortilla and avacoda
Pistachio crusted catfish with mandarin oranges. I made a face when the instructions told me to combine fruit with the fish and almost didn’t do it… but the combination was a big hit!

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