Honey Part Deux.. Soft Skin with Perlier

Remember when I said I’ve been fascinated with honey the last year in beauty treatments? Well there really is something to it. Honey doesn’t spoil. After doing research, it seems to be contain anti-aging properties. Since I love my honey mask so much I wanted to look into some other honey related products for skin…

Introducing… Perlier


The company is based in Italy and uses the honey from black bees in their Imperial Honey line of bath and body creams. One of my favorite things in the world. I love the light, sweet scent and my skin has never been softer.

It’s definitely a splurge for me, but I try to make it last as long as possible and I love it so much I don’t mind spending a little more than I normally would. (As my roommates would say.. It’s my “thing”) Whenever I find something that I really love I want to share it with all of my friends. And when it comes to skin care, I’m willing to spend more if I feel I will see lasting results.

When you register for e-mails on the site, you get coupons pretty regularly but I always check amazon first to see if I can get it a little cheaper. Perlier recently had a Buy 1, Get 1 free deal and I went a little crazy. My 3 absolute favorites are:

The Marvelous Body Wash (It is SO rich that only a couple of drops is enough for your whole body so it lasts for months)

Marvelous Imperial Drops (although I love the lotion and butter too)

after Bath body spray (leaves a very subtle dewy look to your skin and I can’t get enough of the scent.)

The lip treatment is also a favorite and I keep it on my nightstand and apply before bed.

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