Braids on Braids on Braids

braid4 braid2 braid3On days when I’m trying not to use heat on my hair, braids are a great alternative to a sloppy bun.

lazyhair4 - Copy
Normally I would add more volume to the crown on this look. I used sea salt spray to create texture in the pony tail.


my backyard : )
Love my Hunters

image image

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I hijack my roommate Della’s room from time to time because it has the best lighting in the house. Tons of natural light is perfect for doing make up : )
Started with a twist.. Dutch braid into fishtail and alternated every 4 or 5 pieces. Nothing like a good messy braid

1517475_10101671445354318283100_7186962620723253502_n10982701_10101671419141380_1495478257028193134_nzblog345image2snap6crownbraid23crownbraid42lazyhair5lazyhair7 - Copy For my next act… corn rows! Jk.. haha ; ) Any looks you guys would like to see please comment! xoxo

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