BuffaloveAn affectionate term for Buffalo, NY used by a wide variety of people, especially those whose hometown is Buffalo. This weekend I got to visit Buffalo, New York for the very first time and I’m so glad I did. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the city offers lots to do and the people were SO friendly everywhere we went. The more trips I go on, the more I notice how the company you keep determines the mood of the trip. I’ve been in some tricky situations before… for instance, while I was in Washington, D.C. for my friend Ryan’s birthday we were celebrating at an Irish pub and someone swiped my winter coat off the back of my chair when no one was looking. As soon as I realized it was definitely gone I didn’t waste time getting upset about it and it ended up being one of our funnest nights ever. And 2 weeks ago in the mountains at the cabin the pipes froze and we were without water for a few days but we still had the best time ever. It’s important to surround yourself with people who brighten up tough situations because then you can really have fun in any city no matter how interesting or exotic it really is! I was in such good company and we were having such a good time I honestly forgot to take many pictures during this trip! Pretty much all of my pictures are from nearby Niagara Falls. The Canada side is pretty awesome and has tons of attractions. The falls were partially frozen but I thought it made it even more interesting to see.

The Ferris Wheel was perfect for seeing views of the falls and had heat (even better)

buffalo8 buffalo2

buffalo 6
Somewhere over the rainbow…

buffalo 3 bufffffbuffalo10 buffalo 4 buffalo5 buffalo11 The highlight of the trip was seeing Garth Brooks in concert at the First Niagara Center. Even if you’re not a country music fan, he’s a great entertainer to see live.

Garth & Trisha

10404206_10101684917660240_2231633415752616405_nbuffalo One of my favorite things to do on trips is to try the local grub..

Vacation calories don’t count…

We started the trip off right with a stop at Mighty Taco (restaurant quality Mexican food in the form of a drive-thru) and I slurped up all of my Loganberry (hybrid of blackberry & raspberry offered in Buffalo). For breakfast, Laport’s Pine restaurant was a quaint American diner where the locals hang out and the food was awesome. Reid’s drive in is very popular for their “burgas” and we opted to get french fries with the special sauce that comes on them along with milkshakes. After the concert, we walked over to 716 for dinner and drinks with friends. This bar features a 38 foot screen for your viewing pleasure. I felt like I got a good feel for Buffalo’s culture here and you notice off the bat how passionate they are about their sports teams. Dinner was delicious and the hardest thing was deciding which food to order it all looked so good! Definitely make a reservation on event nights. Also recommended is Pizza Oven and saving the best for last… DeFlippo’s had the BEST Italian food and you cannot leave without having a meatball (mine was stuffed with mozzarella). All of these weren’t touristy attractions but I was lucky enough to be traveling with a former Buffalonian and it was so nice to have a different experience with someone who knew where all the good food was while at the same time we’re supporting local businesses (many family-owned establishments).

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