Short & Sweet

11050232_10101684373101540_1135190438466045036_n Here’s some of my favorites that I like to bring for short weekends away: Makeup Eraser This cloth is a game changer. I forgot to bring it with me recently and missed it so much. Without using any product, it completely removes all of your makeup (even waterproof mascara). I prefer to thoroughly wash my face most nights, but when you’re on the go it makes life so much easier. Deux Lux Duffle When you’re not bringing much, I use my Deux Lux duffle bag and I love the quality and the way it looks. Mac Spray This is a great product to refresh your skin throughout the day by giving it a little added moisture and I really like a slightly dewy look. Really loving Josie Maran argan oil, cleanser, moisturizer, and milk. Especially in the winter I try to keep my skin as hydrated as possible and I’ve been really impressed with this line. Perlier hand cream keeps my hands soft, nourished, and smelling good. I have lots of practice packing for short trips, however I’m clueless as to how I’m going to pack this summer for Italy. Any tips I’d love to hear! <3

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