The EYES have it…

I started using eye cream preventatively before I was 21. It’s my opinion that it’s much easier to prevent a problem than to try to fix it. The skin around your eyes is much more sensitive and thinner than the other skin on your face so normal facial moisturizer is not ideal for it.

I got a facial recently at Sanctuary Salon in Cornelius (they’re awesome!). While she was looking at my face under a bright light and a magnifying glass she complimented my skin but also said she noticed some congestion underneath my eyes meaning I was using TOO much product. Less really is more when it comes to the amount you apply on your face so use sparing amounts. Your ring finger has the least amount of pressure so I use that one to apply a drop of eye cream on my orbital bone and lightly dab (not rub) it upwards (the moisture will gravitate upwards anyways so it’s preferred to put it along the orbital bone).

Like with anything consistency is key. If you only apply eye cream once or twice a week it won’t make a difference you really have to incorporate it into your routine to see results.

(Also keep in mind staying hydrated is a great way to reduce puffiness and fine lines. Caffeine dehydrates your skin if you’re ingesting it and can cause you to look older so if you’re a coffee drinker, boost your water intake. Caffeine applied to the outside of your skin is great for it and some of these eye creams contain caffeine which gives them that brighter, more awake look.)

Product Review:

Boscia $38 This is a good starter cream. It was the first one I ever tried and it’s more for preventing than for fixing any fine lines. It lasted about 6 months.

Say Yes to Blueberries $14.59 This is the best least expensive eye cream in my opinion. I pick it up at Target or off Amazon and it’s guaranteed to reduce fine lines. Also all-natural so less of a chance of irritation.

Lancome $65 I honestly still have some of this left and am trying to just use it up. (It’s not my favorite and kind of irritates my eyes)

Caudalie $99 LOVE this. My favorite by far. Super moisturizing and a little goes a long way. It’s so rich I can even apply it on top of my make up if I want to. It was actually a free gift when I bought my blow dryer off Hair Envy and I almost wish I hadn’t tried it because it’s so amazing.

Chanel $60 I thought I would love this product but I don’t think I would buy it again. It’s more of a gel than a cream and I prefer a different consistency. (also seemed to irritate my eyes a little)

Kiehl’s $36 This is good for dark circles if you have them but does nothing for puffiness.

Arcona $38 and La Mer $145 I haven’t tried these brands yet, but have heard great things about them.

My all-time favorite is currently: Intelligence Beauty Labs $39.95. It’s similar to Caudalie, maybe not as rich but for the price I’m happy with it. and I keep my Say Yes to Blue Berries around and switch between the two.

SK II eye pads here for $60 (normally about $115). These are a secret weapon. I saw a picture on Instagram that a model posted wearing them and was intrigued so I had to try it. They make you look SO refreshed after a night out or if you have an event or something you want to look your best for. They depuff, reduce wrinkles, the whole nine yards. I have had them for a while and only use them once in a blue moon because they are pricey.

And as an added plus, you look really goofy with the eye pads on so it’s the perfect time to send silly pictures to all your friends. : )

I want to treat one of you to a free week of food from Blue Apron so comment below with your email address and I’ll choose one person to win!

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5 thoughts on “The EYES have it…

  1. love this blog entry! So informative. Just ran out of my Clinique anti-gravity eye cream which I like but not totally sold. Gonna try the say yes to blueberries next sounds like a great buy. Love reading your blog Joanna 🙂

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  2. Love this blog post! Just ran out of my Clinique anti gravity eye cream which I liked but not totally sold on. Gonna try the say yes to blueberries sounds like a great buy. Keep up the great blogging Joanna I love reading them!

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  3. Really informative Joanna! totally agree with preventing before it happens, especially with how much eye make up we use over time like concealer. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Feel free to add my email in the drawing!

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