Easy Like Sunday Morning

IMG_042817 IMG_046044 IMG_046451 IMG_0389543 IMG_0395535 IMG_0397325 IMG_0402563 IMG_0406254 IMG_0413556 IMG_0414564 IMG_0415228 IMG_0419244 IMG_0426244 IMG_0462414 IMG_03925345 IMG_03946635 IMG_03963583IMG_04016+5 IMG_03981024 IMG_04112552 IMG_04164247 IMG_04225054 IMG_04292727 IMG_04515325 IMG_04584532 IMG_04664247 IMG_039054274 IMG_039154354 IMG_040052435 IMG_040954254 IMG_041254546This lace dress from Lulu’s would be perfect for a date night outfit or even for Easter Sunday coming up. It is currently out of stock (will be back in stock soon) but they have many other beautiful lace pastel pieces for Spring. Sign up for e-mails and receive discounts. (This dress was 20% off with a coupon code).

I have filmed some tutorials for you guys but I’m waiting to share (I don’t want to look dumb. haha) I also didn’t realize how much went into filming, uploading, and condensing videos so as soon as I figure it out I will post them! If there’s anything you would like to see let me know! <3

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