Hair Trick

So in this post I wanted to wear these really pretty statement earrings but at the last minute I couldn’t find them. Sometimes your hair is your best accessory even when you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt and no jewelry a hair style can dress up an outfit.

I was pushed for time and wanted to come up with something quickly (headband braids are so cute but can take a while to do).

I own extensions but I never wear them. Mine are actually about 5 years old now and don’t have much wear to them. Only when there’s a specific hair style that I think would add to it do I pull them out, but I got the idea to just make a headband out of my clip -in extensions from Sally’s and do a quick fishtail braid.

I sort of bundled them together, braided them and then used a clear elastic hair tie. I clipped them towards the nape of my neck and secured the other side with a bobby pin. Easy Peasy!


In this one you can kind of see the clear elastic band if you look for it. whoops!

IMG_046044 IMG_045028

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