Photo Shoot Prep Tip & Tricks

Here’s a few tips and tricks I wish I knew when I first started doing photoshoots years ago…

Best face forward…

If I have time, the morning of I’ll do my honey mask or I’ll scrub my face and lips with a little sugar. Afterwards, I’ll use a good moisturizer like Josie Maran milk and let my skin soak it all in while I fix my hair. Skin looks its best when it’s freshly exfoliated and moisturized so it’ll be the optimal canvas for your makeup.

I normally apply Visine in my eyes before applying makeup for shoots because eye makeup can be irritating and cause redness.

If you have a makeup artist (mua) then don’t wear any make up to the shoot. Bring along your make up just in case though (it’s nearly impossible to match everyone’s skin tone with portable makeup kit foundation).

If needed, I whiten my teeth with Crest 1 hour Express white strips. I have a hard time committing to not eating or drinking anything for an entire hour so I normally do this when I’m sleeping and set an alarm to wake up to take them off. : )

Look your best when wearing Less..

If you are clumsy like me and have bruises this product is great to have handy.

Someone asked for advice regarding razor bumps. To prevent razor bumps, Bath & Body Work’s True Blue Spa collection has a roll-on product that you apply prior to hair removal so that you don’t get them. (Or if you do get them, bikini zone is great to keep in the cabinet. Also, I think the more frequently you exfoliate, the less chance you have of getting them but unfortunately some have more sensitive skin than others.

Lately I’ve been embracing my paleness but typically I’ll exfoliate and do my spray tan routine a few days before (never the day of). If you’re modeling clothing think twice about body make-up or using a bronzer because you don’t want anything rubbing off onto clothing.

No Lines…

When going to a photoshoot I don’t wear anything that I have to wear a bra with because you don’t want any red impressions on your skin. (Think velour track suit the mom wore in Mean Girls haha or something loose fitting)


If you have a hair stylist.. The easiest hair to style is hair that isn’t freshly washed (like a day or two after a blow out) and doesn’t have much product in it. They’ll add product to your hair when styling it, but if you already have product in your hair it won’t hold correctly and will be weighed down.

I like to get as much sleep as possible before a shoot so If I’m styling my own hair I’ll do it the day before and sleep with it in a loose bun on my satin pillowcase so it stays relatively smooth and I only have to touch it up the next day.

Nails should be manicured and natural unless specified otherwise. (Obviously if the shoot is just for you, you can do whatever you want with your nails!)

Leading up to a shoot I also hydrate throughout the week more than I normally would (I drink water and lots of teas) and I also try to incorporate more greens in my diet. I feel like I can see the difference in my eyes and face if I’m hydrated and eating cleaner it just sort of brightens you up!

I think a lot of people think, “wow that person looks great.. PHOTOSHOP!” Well, the point of all of this is so the photographer doesn’t have to work hard editing pictures because it’s extremely time consuming and I haven’t met a photographer that enjoys the editing process so they tend to pick subjects that need minimal touch ups. The worst offenders are chapped lips, razor bumps, ashy skin, chipped nail polish and forgetting to take your hair tie off your wrist. Sometimes it’s fun to bring props.. I brought a bike to one shoot and the photographer loved it and thought it was so fun. Photographers get tired of shooting the same thing so if you mention something different or creative they’re normally excited about it. Bring extra clothing options (nude underwear and a strapless bra are good to have). Make sure you bring your personality, get comfortable with your surroundings, keep a positive attitude, and have fun with it! The best pictures to me are when you are just naturally being yourself!

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