Hint of Mint

IMG_0577699IMG_05714247IMG_0694534IMG_05825358 IMG_0625278 IMG_0574525 IMG_063465132 IMG_06874274 IMG_07474247ring IMG_06215428 IMG_05785643 IMG_05755258

Ring: Kingston Boutique C/O Earrings: Kingston Boutique C/O Dress: Sabo Skirt (mint dress here)

I felt like a princess in this dress! I purchased it from a retailer overseas but here is a less expensive version here.

Kingston Boutique‘s website has some beautiful and inexpensive pieces. Check them out at  http://kingstonboutique.com/!

Also if you ever have a dress with a cut where you can’t wear a bra with it, this works wonders (I’m not wearing it in these pics but I wore it with this dress previously and I didn’t have to adjust myself nearly as much) I’ve seen much more expensive versions at Victoria’s Secret but the Walmart brand works fine!

*Thank you, Kingston Boutique for sponsoring this post!

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