Let’s talk Lashes

I don’t wear false lashes daily (or even makeup daily for that matter!) but when I do break them out for pictures or an occasion I want to look extra dolled up for, I’ve learned a few tricks for how to properly put them on so that no one is the wiser. Something about lashes just makes my whole face look more feminine to me and even if I skip makeup altogether, I used to get eyelash extensions and miss how it just made my eyes pop without an ounce of makeup.


In these I’m wearing Andrea 53 they’re really little, soft, and natural looking.

First, I apply my eyeliner and a touch of mascara. I apply glue along the lash strip (just enough to cover it, don’t overdo it) and most importantly, I let the glue dry for about 30 sec. to a minute before placing it as close to my lash line as possible. Sometimes, I put a little eyeliner over it just to conceal it a little bit more, but it should blend in if it’s placed correctly. Favorite Brands: Ardell – These are great for a little extra drama without looking too crazy and they’re super flattering for pictures. Andrea – These are pretty, soft, natural looking lashes that I sometimes wear in place of mascara. I wash my face every night and remove all my makeup, but there’s been a few times I removed all other makeup but left my lashes on and wore them 2 days in a row (I know that’s probably frowned upon) but if you don’t bend them on your pillow or anything they look fine and really stay put! And even though these are inexpensive brands, I prefer them to MAC ones I purchased that were more pricey. I normally get about 10 wears out of them if I take care of them.

This photo was taken on New Year’s Day and I’m wearing Ardell demi wispies. I washed my face from New Year’s Eve the night before but just left my lashes on and added a touch of lip gloss. Other than that, all natural.

Funny story.. So recently, I went on a paddle boarding date. I didn’t want to wear make up that would just smear down my face when I got wet, but at the same time when you’re just getting to know someone you want to look really cute… I skipped the eye make up and threw on some little falsies that I had in my cabinet (not my normal brand). We ended up splashing and swimming around and had a great time in the sunshine. Afterwards we were sitting down, he reached over and pulled an eyelash strip off my face. I.WANTED.TO.DIE. How embarrassing is that?!? Pretty sure my cheeks turned bright red. Lesson learned, sometimes it’s best just to go natural and I will never do that again. haha. We got a good laugh out of it and I guess you could say it’s an ice breaker but I was pretty mortified. You live, you learn and try to keep a sense of humor about it. 🙂 I want to gift my readers again with some free Blue Apron meals so comment below if you’d like to try it (they only deliver to the U.S. right now) I love it so much I want to share! XOXO JO

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12 thoughts on “Let’s talk Lashes

  1. Never tried falsies, they look stunning on you! Can they get in your actual eyes? I’ve heard horror stories. I want long eye lashes without coating mascara. Any suggestions? Beginner type of eye lashes?

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    1. Oh gosh! well like with anything it takes practice. I remember being in middle school learning how to curl my hair was a challenge! I’ve never gotten an injury or anything like that from lashes it’s just trial & error to be truthful. I think the Andrea 53 are PERFECT for beginners because they’re so dainty and natural while also flexible so you can mold them to your eye shape. Just let the glue dry about 30 seconds and you should be good to go just set it on top of your lash line and lightly push in until you feel it’s set!


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