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Before leaving town…

As I’m getting ready for my next trip, I thought I’d share some of the things I do before to prepare! Make a copy of your passport. Keep it with you (not in the same place as your passport) and I also emailed a copy to my boss and my parents. This came in very… Continue reading Before leaving town…

Positano Lovin’ on the Amalfi Coast

I couldn’t wait to write about Positano because there’s really nothing like it. The Amalfi coast is one of the most beautiful places and I fell in love with it. I made the trip to Positano by way of Naples and I am so glad I hired a driver because I got to watch the… Continue reading Positano Lovin’ on the Amalfi Coast


Howdy! I’m sitting in my room in Nashville realizing I barely took any pictures the past few days but I’ve really enjoyed spending time here with a friend from Positano, Italy (I wasn’t kidding when I said I made great friends for life there šŸ˜ƒ) It’s been so fun showing them around and there’s been… Continue reading Nashvegas

How I afford to travel

I get asked a lot how I afford to travel so I wanted to share with you how I’m able to go on all these trips! Sorry to disappoint but I don’t have a sugar daddy financing these excursions and my parents are not paying my way : ) The biggest thing Ā I do is… Continue reading How I afford to travel

Cinque Terre

[wpvideo noYeNoWd] [wpvideo 1GjM1i7A] Cinque Terre is a backpacker’s dream! Great for hiking and to see the spectacular views you really have to hike (there’s no cars in the town which adds to the appeal for me). Cinque Terre is made up of five towns on the coast and I stayed in Vernazza which I… Continue reading Cinque Terre


Hydra is a gem.. wish I had more time here. Also, I may have had a drink or 5.

My first night in Greece we arrived in Athens and stayed at the reasonably pricedĀ Attalos HotelĀ & immediately went to their rooftop to take in views of the Parthenon which looks spectacular at night all lit up! I found it most impressive at night and it looked huge! (We had a flight to Santorini the next… Continue reading HYDRA + ATHENS


I didn’t feel ready to leave Santorini. It’s funny, a common theme during my travels was that I never seemed ready to leave one place to head to the next… but we pressed on! Mykonos is known for it’s maze of a town and we had drinks by “Little Venice.” Paradise Beach had a live… Continue reading Mykonos

Santorini Sunsets

People travel from around the world to catch a glimpse of the sunsets here and now I know why… My friend laughed and said I took a picture of every door I saw in Greece but I love all the colors and architecture here! My favorite thing to do when I’m traveling is go hiking… Continue reading Santorini Sunsets

Mix ‘n Match

I’ve been wanting to share this outfit and had the perfect hat to complete it that I hauledĀ with meĀ all over Greece, Italy, & Paris! While I was sleeping one night in Paris someone actually broke in my room while I was asleep and stole my hat! (Ok, maybe no one stole it but I swear… Continue reading Mix ‘n Match