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When in Rome…

I arrived in Rome early in the morning after a whirlwind birthday celebration at home. My best friend & roommate threw me a surprise party and I thought we were grabbing a drink while all my friends were waiting for me on the beach to celebrate all wearing white. She had even bought 2 white… Continue reading When in Rome…

Why I love Solo Travel

I think solo travel is probably the best gift you could ever give to yourself. And it still surprises me when I receive mixed reactions when someone asks me, “Who are you going with?” “Oh, just me”. I’ve heard it all but I think as you get older, the more self assurance you have, the… Continue reading Why I love Solo Travel

Rosey Posey

Roses have been on sale lately and I haven’t been able to resist! There’s something about coming home to a house that smells lovely with pretty flowers and they really brighten the place up. This dress was under $20 at Forever21 and I’ve been getting a few pieces for summer since last summer all my… Continue reading Rosey Posey

Best face forward Tips for Beautiful Skin

Summer is upon us! Which for most us means days at the pool or on the lake out in the sun so I wanted to share some of my favorite skin tips! Have you guys ever tried washing your face with cleansing oils instead of face wash? I absolutely love this method for removing my… Continue reading Best face forward Tips for Beautiful Skin

Polka Dots

I am so bummed that these pictures came out blurry! I almost want to try to re-shoot this look but in the meantime I wanted to share a few pics of my Memorial Day outfit with you guys! I actually bought this polka dot dress from Forever 21 years & years ago and it accidentally… Continue reading Polka Dots

I love New York In Springtime… How about you?

My friend was saying people will think I’ve never been outside before because I think I took a picture of every flower I passed haha! We were making jokes. “Don’t mind her.. she was just released from a compound” I know it’s funny I put up a snap of this but I tell everyone to buy… Continue reading I love New York In Springtime… How about you?

why I’m not waiting until I’m retired or for my honeymoon to travel to my dream place

Have you ever been sitting around the table with friends and the honeymoon topic gets brought up, “Oh, I want to go to Fiji on my honeymoon.” (not sure if this happens as frequently when guys get together, actually I’m sure it doesn’t, but believe me many girls have planned out their wedding in their… Continue reading why I’m not waiting until I’m retired or for my honeymoon to travel to my dream place

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Forever21 has seriously stepped up their game with the quality of their clothes and bags. This knit sheath dress is only $22.90 and such a good transitional piece for the changing season. I’ve worn it with tights for a professional look and I can pair it with heels for warmer weather. These Betsey Johnson boots I… Continue reading April Showers Bring May Flowers

Sunday Best

“Florals?… For Spring?… Groundbreaking”  I got this dress from Lotus Boutique years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s surprisingly soft and comfortable and I love that it’s long enough to cover my long legs! Their buyer is really good at selecting clothes that have a way of complimenting a woman’s shape and… Continue reading Sunday Best