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I didn’t feel ready to leave Santorini. It’s funny, a common theme during my travels was that I never seemed ready to leave one place to head to the next… but we pressed on! Mykonos is known for it’s maze of a town and we had drinks by “Little Venice.” Paradise Beach had a live… Continue reading Mykonos

Santorini Sunsets

People travel from around the world to catch a glimpse of the sunsets here and now I know why… My friend laughed and said I took a picture of every door I saw in Greece but I love all the colors and architecture here! My favorite thing to do when I’m traveling is go hiking… Continue reading Santorini Sunsets

Mix ‘n Match

I’ve been wanting to share this outfit and had the perfect hat to complete it that I hauled with me all over Greece, Italy, & Paris! While I was sleeping one night in Paris someone actually broke in my room while I was asleep and stole my hat! (Ok, maybe no one stole it but I swear… Continue reading Mix ‘n Match

Queen City

Mazda asked me to share a city moment and I was so excited to share a little bit of my city with you! Matt Hooker and Matt Moore are the artists behind this amazing mural in Charlotte, North Carolina (my hometown) and I thought it was such a fun reason to take pictures! With such an interesting… Continue reading Queen City

Santorini Day 1

Here’s a few pictures from my first day in Santorini! Initially my brother was going to come on this trip and I wish he could experience the beauty of this island because it’s amazing. My sweet friends Josanne & Chad got me this pretty dress as an early birthday gift since I’ll be gone over… Continue reading Santorini Day 1

Under the Tuscan sun

I am finally in Tuscany! Being here is the first time I have been away from tourists and I’m excited to see a different side of Italy.  The hike to the hotel, no air conditioning, and out of order elevator are worth it for the picturesque views and friendly local company. At 5 a.m. I… Continue reading Under the Tuscan sun

Wandering in Rome

I’ve been in Rome a few days now after being in Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, & Hydra and I love it! I have so many pictures to share but I intentionally didn’t bring a computer because I wanted to be present in the moment while I’m traveling. They say not all those who wander are lost.… Continue reading Wandering in Rome

land that i love

The question I get asked the most is… “Where are you from?” American and proud of it : ) I’m based in Charlotte, North Carolina ,”The Queen City”, and it’s such a beautiful place to live. I love the mountains and the sea and we’re not far from either so it’s the best of both… Continue reading land that i love