Red Siren Swimwear

I’m finally allowed to share pictures from a shoot I did with Red Siren Swimwear a couple weeks ago! I met the creator/designer of the swimsuit line when she came over to my condo with my roommate. We started talking swimwear and my eyes got really big and I got so excited I actually went to my room and retrieved a huge bag of bikinis and brought them out to dump in the floor to show her all of them. We sat there drinking wine with honey masks on going through all of them and I even showed her my captain’s hat which she got a kick out of. The next day she bought a Beach Bunny bikini after I showed her some of mine and I guess you could say we really hit it off : ) We also share a love for turtles and I was happy to find out she actually donates a percentage of sales to the sea turtle rescue in Charleston, South Carolina. Turtles are one of my favorite animals and I’ve been known to stop the car and move a turtle to safety if there’s one crossing the road. All 7 species of sea turtles are endangered or on the threatened list so it’s pretty awesome of her to donate something from each and every sale. I’ve visited the Sea Turtle Rescue and even witnessed some being returned to the ocean after being rehabilitated which is really cool if you ever get the chance to go. Hope you guys enjoy these pics! We had a really fun silly day and I’m thrilled for her new endeavor and so glad I got to be a part of it! Here’s a mix of some behind the scenes and favorite looks.

someone was really excited about the wine…

On a side note, several weeks ago I tried out Tanwise to test it out and see how it looked before using it for the actual shoot. I’m so glad I didn’t wait til the shoot to try it out because I had two different people notice signs of fake tanner on me and that’s never good. If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it. I’m going back to my original tan routine. I know everyone raves about Tanwise but for my skin tone, it didn’t look as natural on me as I’d prefer.  swimwear34swimwear35swimwear40swimwear36swimwear65434424swimwear7 swimwear385243453swimwear26 swimwear15 swimwear18 swimwear19 11214073_10101717156548250_2669237592907936416_nMEJEMDg1Q0I3OTk5NjNEMkEzMTU6M2E1YjlhM2Q4ZDExNmZlMTQ0MTg5Mzc2YjY1ZWFkMTU6Ojo6OjA= (1)hfmkhfswimwear21 swimwear22 swimwear23 swimwear24 swimwear27 swimswimwear4165737swimwear28 Check out for all the looks! XOXO Designer: Red Siren Swimwear Photographer: DME Imagery + Zach Alston assistance Hair + Make up: Lauren LaFromboise Follow me on Instagram for more pictures: SittingPrettyInTheQueenCity

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22 thoughts on “Red Siren Swimwear

  1. Stopped by for a look after you liked a post of mine. First thought?

    Holy moly! She’s cute!

    And vivacious, with a winning smile and a persona that exudes fun and life lived fully.

    If I were a woman, or followed beauty sites, I’d definitely follow yours.

    Really, that’s high praise. 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed the meander through your pages.

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