Lace and Braids

I just want to thank everyone who has messaged me privately and on the blog for the kind words of encouragement. Little things like that make my day and it really makes me want to keep up what I’m doing if I know people appreciate it! It’s funny, when I started this blog I was kind of self conscious about it (I guess I was afraid people would think it was silly or something) but now I wish I had started it sooner because it’s been something that I can look forward to and have fun with.

For me, this year so far has been about building dreams and saying yes to new adventures. Things that I used to think I could never do now seem attainable and I’ve been taking more chances than ever but I am also happier than ever. : )

Thanks for the continued support & please follow me along on all my adventures : )

I’ve got lots of exciting things to share but don’t want to jinx anything so stay tuned!



IMG_0302543 - Copy (2) IMG_02242pic1 IMG_0278532 - Copy (2)pic4 IMG_03034563 - Copy (2) IMG_029756352pic5 IMG_030154345 IMG_028456342 - Copy (2)IMG_02755341 - Copy (2)IMG_02715645 - Copy (2)IMG_02696513 - Copy (2)

IMG_02372265 - Copy (2)

IMG_0306465 - Copy (2) IMG_0259637 - Copy (2) IMG_0253228 - Copy (2) IMG_0250258 - Copy (2)

IMG_031854+6 - Copy (2) IMG_029553 - Copy (2) IMG_025463 - Copy (2) IMG_024756+3 - Copy (2) IMG_024425 - Copy (2) IMG_021913 IMG_02362 IMG_02312 IMG_02162 IMG_02042For Love and Lemons has a yellow lace dress here that I’ve had my eye on and admired so I was really pleased when I found a similar dress on LULU’s website for less than half the price.

17 thoughts on “Lace and Braids

      1. I am new at finding my way around blogs. Especially on my phone! Can’t wait to check your site out! You go girl!! So impressed by young women who are bold enough to be themselves!

  1. Yellow dresses are my favorite for spring and summer!! And of course looks gorgeous with your hair, I’ll have to try out that braid!

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