land that i love

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The question I get asked the most is… “Where are you from?” American and proud of it : ) I’m based in Charlotte, North Carolina ,”The Queen City”, and it’s such a beautiful place to live. I love the mountains and the sea and we’re not far from either so it’s the best of both worlds.

One of my favorite holidays is our Independence Day on the 4th of July (when we celebrate Will Smith defeating the aliens) ; ) so it’s a strange feeling to be in another country during it. While I am American, I have a vast appreciation for other cultures and I’ve found that you learn the most from people who are different from you! I think part of maturing is realizing that maybe you shouldn’t seek out friendships where everyone is the same as you because you get to be exposed to so many different things and my number 1 favorite thing about this blog is connecting with all of you from all over the globe.

I’ll be in Greece for the 4th of July so I celebrated a little early : )

Raja has never seen bubbles before so it was hilarious watching her hunt them and then see her face when they disappeared.

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31 thoughts on “land that i love

  1. Obviously, Greece’s (temporary) gain is America’s loss. Patriotic attire has never had a prettier model. And I agree with you about Charlotte. I was there once, and still remember it as a beautiful locale.

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  2. Great bathing suit & dress! I’m going to a family reunion in North Carolina! We’re staying Oceanside so I can’t wait! Happy 4th & I’m sure Greece will be amazing!

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  3. Hey, Greece is perfectly safe, I would strongly recommended taking enough euros for your trip in cash with what’s going on at the moment πŸ™‚

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  4. Hey there, I was just wondering how you take your pictures? Do you have someone take them for you or do you just use a tripod? Also, what camera do you use, its really good quality πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Hey girl!! I honestly ask whoever is around (normally my roommate) and direct them as far as angles and lighting go! My first posts were with my iphone5 but I bought a canon rebel t5 off Groupon and I love it!! Great starter camera πŸ˜ƒ


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