Wandering in Rome

I’ve been in Rome a few days now after being in Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, & Hydra and I love it! I have so many pictures to share but I intentionally didn’t bring a computer because I wanted to be present in the moment while I’m traveling.

They say not all those who wander are lost. Well this girl got very lost!

I want to share a recent experience with you guys…

For a while now I have been planning a photoshoot with a photographer in Rome and also an Italian designer who custom made a gown for me using my measurements.

I had been so looking forward to it and their concept sounded so amazing and I would get to keep the clothes afterwards (yay!)

The day of the shoot came and I got lost. Very turned around in a very large city where I don’t speak the language and I was alone. I had eventually gotten on the right train (cab would have been 90 euros) and to the correct stop but ย  I quickly realized as I walked through a tunnel, across a highway, and past some abandoned warehouses this wasn’t a typical train stop where I could pop into a cafe, connect to wifi and communicate with the photographer to let him know I was there (my phone only works here when I’m connected to the Internet). No one spoke English and I was only getting the wrong kind of attention.

So after already hours of wandering I walked around aimlessly before deciding this area was really unsafe and I finally, reluctantly gave up.

I came so close so close to crying and then I remembered 1) you’re a grown up and you’re in public so pull it together. 2) do you really want make up to smear down your face and look like a clown? You’re already lost no one needs to see a lost wandering clown.

More than anything I felt terrible that a team of people had set aside their whole afternoon to do make up, hair, assist, etc. and they were going to think I blew them off.

I wanted to share this because it would be so easy to only share the picture perfect side of everything and I want to share the good with the bad and that’s all part of traveling! There’s always adventure around the corner and this part of traveling is extremely humbling and its all about the journey! My friend says this about travel :

“There will continue to be good and bad days when you travel. But you know what, the bad is just as important. It’s a part of your journey and it teaches you things that you will find useful later. I know that does not help now. But trust me. Its a story. And now a part of your story and there is so much freedom and beauty in that. You took a chance on yourself.”

There is no time to be sad about anything because I’m in Roma!!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒโค๏ธ

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23 thoughts on “Wandering in Rome

    1. Great article Charlotte. We all have those days when things go wrong and even harder when travelling. Posts like this make your blog more real.

      Hope you are enjoying Rome.

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  1. I travelled to Rome last Oct for 3 nights/4days on my own. My 1st solo holiday. I got nervous while I was waiting to board the plane but there was no going back… I don’t know much Italian but it’s on my TO DO LIST as I’m going back to Italy next year to do a mini tour… Rome was beautiful! I didn’t get to see some sights so that’s one of the places I’m revisiting next year. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay xxx

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  2. Thank you for sharing your “real life travel” post. I was SO sorry to read you missed your photo shoot, and blessed to hear you are safe (listening to the neighborhood). Looking forward to seeing your photos of Rome, and reading more of your life journey. blessings, denise

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  3. Hi Joanna! I’m glad you thought my post, a few weeks ago, about St. Ambrose’s Cross being the emblem of Milan Tourism (belonging to Milan much earlier than the similar St George’s Cross for England), was interesting enough for you to like it. I see here that you’ve been to Italy before; but I don’t think you got to Milan. If you ever get to visit Milan, just contact me and I’ll make you a personal plan for the best area in Milan suited for you and the best places to eat there! Or you can just check out my other main blog [ http://www.milanfinally.com/ ]. Happy traveling!

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  4. Did you ever connect with the Photographer? In my travels to Rome, I have learned how easy it is to become lost. One time, a gentleman carrying an umbrella approached me near the wedding cake and asked if I knew how to get to Piazza Navona. I told him I did, and the next thing I knew, I was leading an entire bus tour from Indonesia through the streets of Rome. So you are not the only one, even the professionals get lost. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. I stayed at Piazza Navona!! So after getting lost I didn’t have data so I had to wait until I got all the way back to my hotel to get internet access so I could get in touch with him. I had to leave for Tuscany the next morning so I missed the opportunity :/


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