Under the Tuscan sun

I am finally in Tuscany! Being here is the first time I have been away from tourists and I’m excited to see a different side of Italy. image image image image image image image image The hike to the hotel, no air conditioning, and out of order elevator are worth it for the picturesque views and friendly local company. At 5 a.m. I was jolted awake. “Where am I what’s happening..?!” I’m afraid I’ll have to shoot my neighbor’s rooster. The turtles in the courtyard make better company and I learned there is a very high turtle tax (no, I’m not kidding). I have a few pictures from my camera phone and they don’t do this place justice!

41 thoughts on “Under the Tuscan sun

  1. I have been to England, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland but not to Italy. After seeing your photos I think I have missed some thing great.

      1. I did not go to Italy because I was told it is a country of criminals. I wanted to go to every country on earth before I die. I have been to couple of dozen till now. My photos of that time are all lost. I have a pleasant feeling when I hear from travellers.

      2. I didn’t experience any issues while I was there! The only concern would be pick pockets in large cities but honestly you have to be careful of that in any large city in the world! I’m not sure why Italy has a bad rep. I only experienced kindness and strangers helped me when I was lost or confused. Such wonderful, good, genuine people!

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