Mix ‘n Match

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I’ve been wanting to share this outfit and had the perfect hat to complete it that I hauled with me all over Greece, Italy, & Paris! While I was sleeping one night in Paris someone actually broke in my room while I was asleep and stole my hat! (Ok, maybe no one stole it but I swear I had it and then it was gone!) The top is from Forever21. Skirt is from Fiore Boutique and I love the lace detail! Shoes are from Lulu’s and they are only $22!

24 thoughts on “Mix ‘n Match

    1. I get asked this question a lot! I decided to make traveling a priority earlier this year which meant going on a big financial diet and I had been saving for a long time. Typically, I work 12 hour days at a business in Charlotte so when I am home I hustle and have found creative ways to cut back on spending which is tough but worth it to me. I also was awarded a scholarship for part of my trip to Italy through my school and my boss has been greatly supportive as long as I work hard when I am here. : ) Sorry for such a long reply! Hopefully one day I can say I’m a travel writer. I want to write a post about money saving tips soon!

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