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We stayed at Villa Margarita and her son speaks fluent English and was so helpful!


    1. Thank you! For this post it’s a combination of pictures from my iphone 5S and my Canon T3 Rebel. For cell phone pics I like Aviary and for my camera I don’t use photoshop but there’s a free website called PicMonkey I use sometimes! Honestly, this place is so gorgeous no real need to use much editing! My canon makes a big difference I bought it off Groupon before my trip!


      1. Oh I have already subscribed to see more will check out some of your historic posts as well. We have always travelled a bit further from home but I am having extreme island fever at the moment but as we have January we will probably not get to Greek Islands then as a lot of them close down around that time… Maybe the Bahamas in January instead


      2. I have! A few times by cruise and once I flew and just stayed on an island for a week. While you do see more with a cruise, sometimes it felt like a tease to only have a half day at a destination. Either way, try to go all inclusive (consider alcoholic beverages too if you’re drinking if the cruise doesn’t consider those all inclusive it can rack up quite the bill). My island hotel considered everything all inclusive and it saved so much money! Also wanted to mention when I flew to an island it was in January (Paradise Island) and I was surprised it was in the 60’s – 70’s so next time I’ll make sure where I’m staying is warmer that time of year! Any specific destinations in mind?


      3. Funny we are actually going on a cruise in the next few weeks but is to the baltics so will be colder. It’s mainly a island thing as I am missing the tropics and heat.. Love the South Pacific but it’s just too far, so we need something easy and close by well under 10 hours so Caribbean is perfect choice… We were looking at Nassau as has a bit of everything and will take trips out esp to the nearby islands… And the pig experience too. Other options were Barbados Dominican Cuba and a few other islands… Any you would suggest? My problem is we have done St Lucia Tobago and some idillyic ones such as bora bora Fiji and Seychelles so it’s hard to compete… Let me know and thanks in advance

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      4. Those are hard to compete with!! The baltics sounds so cool! I’m with you, I’ll be looking for heat then and the island experience you mentioned… I’ve wanted to go to Cuba for a long time that would be so cool! I went to Nassau on a cruise so unfortunately didn’t see very much buy my friends seemed to like it! I’ll just have to plan another trip so I can give you more insight : )

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      5. That’s a great idea… Nothing wrong with planning another trip. I’ll let you know where we decide to go it’ll all be booked when we return from Russia. I do however list for some of those outer islands of the Bahamas chains… Think they’ll be stunning. Who knows where we will end up probably Cape Verde or Mauritius… Ha keep in touch enjoyed the catch up. Have a good week

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  1. The colors are simply stunning… Isn’t it crazy how even colors you thought you knew seem different from the ones you see when you’re traveling? Different places assault all the senses; my favorite thing about travel. But your pictures really do a beautiful job of capturing the colors! And I should not have looked at this while I was hungry. So I guess you captured taste too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lovely.

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