Santorini Sunsets

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This picture was taken on the 4th of July so of course I had to find my red, white, & blue! We were so excited to hear fireworks going off this night in celebration.

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People travel from around the world to catch a glimpse of the sunsets here and now I know why…

My friend laughed and said I took a picture of every door I saw in Greece but I love all the colors and architecture here!

My favorite thing to do when I’m traveling is go hiking to see a different perspective and on our second day in Santorini we planned to hike across the island. We had walked down the path briefly the day before and I remember thinking how easy it was to walk so I didn’t take my friend’s suggestion to heart to change my shoes and clothes before we set out on our hike. This girl wore a dress and flip flops on what ended up being a 3 hour hike across the island! So I know I look a tad windblown and sweaty in these pictures but it’s because I had quite the work out!

One night we were laying in bed and I opened the door to let our room air out and the cutest little kitten popped its head in our door! She jumped up on the bed and snuggled up and I was just saying how cute it was when about 30 seconds later I realized little miss kitty needed to go outside because she was dirty and didn’t look well so I suppose there’s a reason the locals told me not to pet all the animals running up to me.

I was in Greece during the political vote and it was a very exciting time to be there. We found a local bar on the island and when the results came in there were free drinks for everyone!

Getting Between the Islands…ย I took a 7a.m. flight to Santorini out of Athens (you can get there by plane or by boat). The boat would’ve had us getting in later and we decided to take a plane to Santorini (check your luggage by paying online to cut costs in half – I paid to check one bag at the airport and it was as much as my plane ticket! The attendant told me to save money next time by paying online for luggage). We took a boat to Mykonos (which was a couple of hours even on the high speed boat). When we left Mykonos to head to Athens, we went by boat and didn’t realize we went to the dock on the other side of Athens from where we were staying so we paid a lot in cab fare to get to our hotel so try to find out which dock the departing boats will go to. We also took a day trip to Hydra by boat from Athens and if you have a free day it’s a great way to see another island!

Where I went…ย 

We stayed in Fira on the middle of the island and hiked to Oia. While the whole island of Santorini is beautiful, Oia is probably seen as being the most picturesque and is more popular but it is much pricier to stay there. I saved money staying in Fira and the views really were beautiful there too! (My sunset pictures actually came out better in Fira than in Oia) Definitely take the buses around because they are only a few Euro to go across the whole island and way cheaper than cabs! To get to the beach we took a bus then walked down to the water and if you’re lucky like us there will be a boat about to leave to head to the beach! You pick between the Red beach, White beach, or Black beach and we opted for the White beach since the boat driver said it was the nicest. To take the boat to the White beach, we had to jump off the boat in about 4 feet of water and I carried my purse over my head! We loved our studio in Fira and I definitely recommend it. It’s a block away from the city center where I would go have coffee in the mornings at Diverso and read (loved their crepes! so yummy). I loved Santorini early in the morning and at sunset the best.

For great views, make sure you make a reservation at a restaurant ahead of time because everyone wants a good seat! (Tell them you want a view because those tables are the first to go) We had a great dinner of seafood & mussles at Volcano Blue in Fira and I took most of my sunset pictures from there. Another great view from my pictures (in the red dress) were taken at Seagull Tapas in Oia where we had appetizers. Another good restaurant we tried (but on the pricier side) is 1800 Rooster and I think it’s a nice romantic setting to sit on the rooftop. The most romantic place in my opinion for any couple traveling would be Palla Kameni Bar sitting outside. Spectacular views and while the drinks are expensive, the atmosphere is so enjoyable and the dim candle light and great service makes you want to stay and have another. They actually brought me a shawl (I didn’t expect the evenings to be so chilly).

Another place I enjoyed was Espresso Cafe which turns into a laid back bar at night and was a nice quiet place to have a drink and talk (most people here seemed to be locals and I love that).

I hope you’re not tired of all my travel pictures yet there’s many more to come : )

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68 thoughts on “Santorini Sunsets

  1. Some lovely pics here, Joanna.

    Greece is one of my favourite countries… my visits were all too brief, and all too long ago. And I have not yet made it to Santorini… some day.

    Thanks for bringing it to mind, and to life. : )

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  2. Love your blog! I recently started mine (fairly new at this lol) and I was always worried that I post too many photos! But going through your post, I actually found the photos to be my favorite part! Not to mention, I’m so jealous that you go to go to GREECE! I hope to be able to make it to Spain, Italy, and Greece toward the end of this year! Love the read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Photos are my favorite part! I have a love for photography and I hope people don’t mind my sometimes excessive photos!! I get carried away. That sounds amazing! The travel bug has bit me and I hope to continue to do more trips. I still have more Greece posts and I just spent 5 weeks in Italy so look out for those posts to follow! : ) Keep me updated! XO

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I definitely over post photos! I’m trying to lay back a bit on the photos for my most recent post lol, and yes! I will definitely stay tuned, just followed you! Glad you ran into my blog! I’m a HUGE wanderlust person! We’re heading to Finland this weekend, and then to Ukraine. I hope to make it to Germany in the next few months as well! Ill keep watch:)

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  3. Woow. Amazing photos. I love photography like you do and I think you shouldn’t worry about posting more photos. They are amazing.
    And Greece. What a beautiful country. The place where white and blue meet to create an heaven-like scenery.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I just picked that one out as my favorite. But, you’ve got a lot of pics I enjoyed. That of you in the white dress standing in front of the white houses on the hill and the blue sea would be a close second.

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  4. hi, nice photos on your blog, I can’t like it cause I don’t have facebook and that’s why there is no like-button to like your page, so I decided to leave a comment. Santorini is on my bucketlist for sure now ! greetings


    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were both so amazing in different ways! Mykonos is definitely great if you are looking for a party and Santorini is more romantic I would say. If I had to pick one over the other I don’t know that I could – I do wish I had one more day in Santorini we were there 3 days and in Mykonos for 2. I also really liked Hydra which is about a 1 hour boat ride from Athens. I seriously want to visit more islands now!!

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  5. Ever since I’ve heard about Greece’s Santorini, it has always become part of my bucketlist (which I hopefully fulfill someday).

    Thanks for the great pics Joanna!

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