My first night in Greece we arrived in Athens and stayed at the reasonably priced Attalos Hotel & immediately went to their rooftop to take in views of the Parthenon which looks spectacular at night all lit up! I found it most impressive at night and it looked huge! (We had a flight to Santorini the next morning but spent a few days in Athens after trips to Santorini & Mykonos.) Back in Athens, we visited museums, drank at rooftop bars, and hiked to see the Parthenon. Athens had creative graffiti everywhere and I liked being in a big city again. I missed the island breeze though so when my friend asked if I was interested in seeing the island of Hydra (EE- dra) I didn’t ask any questions before saying yes.
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Love all the flags... I <3 Tacos especially. (must be American : ) )
Love all the flags… the Taco one especially : ) 

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Hydra is a gem.. wish I had more time here. Also, I may have had a drink or 5.
Hydra is a gem.. wish I had more time here. Also, I may have had a drink or 5.

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I never expected to love Hydra as much as I did! If you walk a few blocks into the town past the harbor there’s great authentic Greek restaurants and bars. I loved how laid back it was and wish I could have stayed at least 2 nights here. An afternoon here was the biggest tease! Certain streets we walked down seemed to be stuck in time (think early 1900’s) and pictures couldn’t capture it (I tried anyways though) The first bar we went to was The Pirate Bar which is touristy but had great specialty cocktails (my Moscow Mule was the best!) and a wonderful view. I had only been there a few minutes when I realized a friend’s cousin owns the bar! What a crazy small world it is. Next to the bar is an amazing little bakery my friend told me to go to and I was pretty excited about my enormous donut (if you couldn’t tell). : )

I enjoyed the slower pace of the island and this was the first place I noticed more Americans in Greece. Before coming here, pretty much all the English speaking tourists I had come across were Australian or from the UK.

*I know these travel posts are a far cry from my fashion/beauty posts so I hope you don’t mind me switching it up now and then! I’ll be back to fashion posts soon but there were certainly some days we just rolled out of bed to go hiking so wearing a ball gown just wasn’t practical ; )

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21 thoughts on “HYDRA + ATHENS

    1. haha I was surprised and happy to find it as you can tell! I loved the islands the best honestly but I’m more of a beach girl. I didn’t expect to love Hydra and wanted more time here. All the islands I’d like to go back to one day. Next time I want to see more islands!


  1. Another North Carolinian! Glad you enjoyed my blog, but you’re Mich better at this than I. I’m really excited for Greece; I’ll be there mid October, but first working my way down the Balkan coast. Where are you heading next?

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    1. Yeah! From Charlotte : ) That’s awesome! I bet the Balkan coast will be amazing. I just spent 5 weeks in Italy and in Charleston, SC for the week. Wish I was still traveling around Europe though I hope to go back soon and my goal is to make this more of a travel blog than anything! Where all do you plan to go in Greece?!


      1. Oh man, I miss NC… I’ve been travelling for 4 months and realizing many of the things we take for granted there. No plans for Greece other than Athens, hiking Mt. Olympus, and various island hopping. Maybe I’ll use your blog for inspiration 🙂

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  2. Pretty from Char!!! 🙂 How have you been? I soooooo envy you!!! ) I love the picsss so much.. Wish I could travel a lot like you…

    And I wanna seriously learn how to capture such priceless shots…!! WOWZA


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