Cinque Terre

Being super cheesy : )

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Cinque Terre is a backpacker’s dream! Great for hiking and to see the spectacular views you really have to hike (there’s no cars in the town which adds to the appeal for me). Cinque Terre is made up of five towns on the coast and I stayed in Vernazza which I was so happy with! (apartment here) You take the train to other cities, hike, or go by boat. The first video is from Riomaggiore. You have to have breakfast at the Cannoli Brothers in Vernazza if you go! The twin brothers are hilarious and such characters… best cannolis ever! (But everything is good). I was sad to leave I actually took the latest train possible home to Tuscany and spent my last day hiking and swimming in the Mediterranean. The waves in Vernazza are no joke though Monteresso has more swim friendly beaches.

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94 thoughts on “Cinque Terre

  1. This makes me so nostalgic! I have the backgrounds on my laptop and phone set to pictures from Cinque Terre haha. Did you try the pesto and focaccia bread?? They originated here!

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  2. I just saw you liking a post of me and then I jumped over to your blog and was like OMG how cool that girl is! I love your pics! Nice to meet you! Becky

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      1. So we have something in common 🙂 I’m glad I found you. I’m sure I’ll enjoy your posts a lot. Take care 🙂

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      1. Ok, I might re plan my route then. I have 10 days in Italy. I’m flying to Milan first so will probably go to cinque Terre after that,then Rome, then Venice. We’re the trains expensive?


      2. I wish I got to see Milan! I believe that is quite far from the coast so it may be more than my train was since it is farther and the train may be a full day of traveling (I was coming from Tuscany). Definitely book trains ahead of time if you can on If you could, I would do Milan to Venice to Rome then Cinque Terre and the Amalfi coast was my favorite if you have time! And Florence was great too. Gosh 10 days will fly! It really depends what you like to do. For hiking and back packing cinque terre is a must though. If you want, you can do it in 2 days (the towns are small) but just be sure you plan exactly what you want to do ahead of time. I was in Italy for 5 weeks and it felt like it wasn’t enough time!

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      3. Ok I’ll check that website out. Do they post you tickets or are they E-tickets? Yes 10 days will fly, it’s time off work so can’t be away that long 🙂

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      4. For the trains I took, they are not e-tickets and make sure you validate your ticket after you buy it before you board the train because I had no idea and got a large fine my first day traveling by the conductor! I flew from Venice to the coast at the end of my leg to save time because the train was going to be something like 12 hours so I reasoned it was worth it and it was about the same price to fly as train tickets so do your research : )

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  3. Cinqueterre is one of my favourite memories of all times. Your photos blew me right to the Med. I hope you did the walk of the 5 villages and ate plenty of ice cream for your health. Thank you for stopping by my blog, so glad it took me on a return journey. Magic!

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    1. thank you!! I keep looking back at these photos. Hiking was my favorite part! I was only there 2 and a half days so I did the hike between Vernazza and Monterosso but water taxi’d and took the train between the other towns. I wish I had more time to spend here. And I did eat gelato twice a day when I was in Italy : ) It’s a rule!

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  4. Hi Joanna,
    I’m originally from Genoa, although I’ve lived in the States for over ten years (I’m in NYC now)

    I had not seen such nice pics of the 5 terre in quite a while.
    I know they are no longer an “off the beaten path” destination, but it is always nice to see them captured in such beautiful shots!

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Non so se il mio commento precedente sia apparso.
    Bellissime foto, davvero. Da un genovese espatriato in America (attualmente a New York…)
    Grazie mille per la promozione delle nostre piccole gemme.


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