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I got to go to Barbados after my trip to Nashville and this is the perfect time of year to go! I seriously took hundreds of pictures of the water and the beaches and went to as many beaches as possible during my 2 week stay. I started in an airbnb on the southeast coast of the island which is so scenic and I found my favorite bar in Barbados just a few steps away where I also spent a night! After a few days getting to know the area, I opted to stay on the western shore which has the best beaches for swimming.

If you ever go to Barbados, you have to go to Oistin’s fish fry on Friday nights (chillin’ & grillin’ is the best food ask for Roger). Holetown has karaoke on Sunday nights and Saint Lawrence Gap always has great nightlife. I also did a few excursions and checked out some local caves in the area. If you’re going to Barbados feel free to ask me for tips! : )

43 thoughts on “Barbados

  1. Pictures of Barbados look great. With water that blue, I could spend hours looking at that ocean. Do you have a favorite beverage for the morning and the evening?

  2. We love it when people share their vacation and travel photos. It makes the world a little smaller.
    Love your photos, thanks for sharing!

      1. My driver’s name is Mario and he was a huge help as far as giving me ideas and where the best beaches are… download whatsapp befre your trip if you like and his number is +1 (246) 831-3871 He would take you anywhere you’d want to go (tell him you are friends of Joanna & Francesco) he was our driver for several days and took us places even on our last day when we had limited time!

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