Beauty Blogger Award + Liebster Award

Published by sittingprettyinthequeencity

Hi, I'm Joanna. NC based. Lover of beautiful things. Welcome to my blog! I also own The Classified Design, a website design and social media management company! This blog is a really fun creative outlet for me and I love interacting with readers so if you have questions or tried something out from the blog, please share! I always look forward to questions and comments. To follow along on Instagram: SittingPrettyintheQueenCity for my business accounts: TheClassifiedDesign xoxo Jo p.s. follow me on Instagram: sittingprettyinthequeencity Twitter: JoSittingPretty For sponsorship opportunities or collaborations email

41 thoughts on “Beauty Blogger Award + Liebster Award

  1. I’ve almost bought the “Naked 2” several times and now I’m going to have to go get it! I always have Nars “Orgasm” (lol that sounds terrible!) and if you like BB creams (it looks like you have a lot the same makeup taste as I do) Smashbox Camera Ready BB is my all-time favorite- it’s light, has SPF, and doesn’t pool up or get sticky.
    So, in all, thank you for an awesome post!

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  2. Oh My Goodness. Thank you so much for nominating me ❤ And I can't believe you hate shopping, I do too… so much, haha, I do believe it's such a waste of time, (many a times).

    Anyway, thank you so much for the nomination :')

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  3. Congrats!! Your blog is really beautiful, and you are so very gorgeous 🙂 Thank you for liking my post, btw! It’s so lovely to find that experienced bloggers like you genuinely read and like what I write. Congrats again!

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  4. Your blog is amazing!!! You will love mine please check it out and let me know what you think I would love to hear your feedback!

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      1. Thanks for letting me know! If you type in in the bar it should come up!! thanks again love

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  5. Hey chick I have nominated you to do the blog tour award 🙂
    I tagged you in it but not sure if it worked, you can find it on my most recent blog posts 🙂 xx


  6. 1) I LOVE Jennifer Aniston’s style too and your style totally reminds me of her.
    2) I just posted an entry about my first time to Greece–it was great (mostly)! And I went to Thailand in 2014 and I’m going again in December!
    3) I actually hate trying on clothes too! I think it has to do with some PTSD of being so short and small when I was younger (picture 7th grade dance–literally looking for dresses in the children’s department). Sometimes I just buy and return if it doesn’t fit.

    P.S. Your blog is gorgeous!

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    1. haha you are so funny! Her style is so sharp and simply and approachable at the same time. I love it and she’s a sweetheart. I’ll check your blog out now I’d love to hear about your Greece experience! I leave in a few days now 🙂 My issue is these long legs everything is SO short! I am the worst my car has a few things in it now I need to return because I didn’t feel like trying them on. haha. Thank you so much, love I’ll hop on over to your blog! XO


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