I know I overdid it with the pictures but I couldn’t help myself! I took a boat to Burano from the main island,Venice, right as the sun was setting so I was almost out of light when I got there! This actually worked out well because as you can see there’s no tourists! I was basically alone and everything on the island closes after sun down so I walked around, took pictures, and raced to get on the very last water taxi of the night back to the main island.

One cool thing about these pictures is the sky looks almost white! I haven’t posted my Venice pictures yet but if you ever make it to Venice, you have to eat at Taverna al remer. When I travel, I’m all about finding a new restaurant every day but I loved this place, the atmosphere, the live music so much I went twice. It was one of my favorite dining experiences. The last night I was in Venice, I walked across a good bit of the island getting lost on purpose (which isn’t hard with their streets) and got to the restaurant later than I planned to. They insisted on making me dinner even though the kitchen was closed and wouldn’t let me pay. They are seriously the sweetest people & it’s a great mix of locals with a few tourists sprinkled in who were lucky enough to find it.

Another favorite dining experience was a cooking class I took in Rome. We made pasta from scratch, tiramisu, and many other things I will probably never make again unless I have 5 people helping me. haha. Chef Andrea will always remember me because someone stepped on my foot in the kitchen and somehow my sandal just completely fell apart. He had to wrap duct tape around my foot so I could walk home! haha (I can’t even make this stuff up) πŸ™‚ There was also a black out while I was cooking which they said is normal in such older cities. Cooking by candle light was actually a really fun memory.

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98 thoughts on “Burano

  1. I visited Venice, Murano and Burano a few years ago and my memories aren’t that clear anymore. Thanks for the refreshment! Sadly, except for the coloured houses and the canals, the only thing I seem to remember about this island is Burano is that there a Spar store where we stopped by… Definitely have to go there again !

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    1. Yes, I love reliving these memories through pictures too! In a way, it was fine to only be there a short time because I walked around, took pictures and nearly missed the last boat. All the stores were closed when I arrived so maybe it’s good I didn’t plan a full day there!

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    1. I loved Venice best at night πŸ™‚ When the tourists aren’t around and it becomes magical. Please visit that restaurant I loved it so much! Burano is so pretty but really only for walking around a bit there’s not a ton to do there. xoxo


  2. Awesome photos, I was actually sad when I got to the last one haha. How cool that it was deserted when you got there! I used to walk through Chicago alone after midnight (yea, not the safest), but it is the coolest thing because the whole area is devoid of people.

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    1. Phil, Thank you! haha I know I loved that I was solo exploring and I took so many more pictures that looked like postcards without people there! I’ve done the same. I love cities the best at night and walk alone (safer in Europe than America unfortunately) but at night they’re always my favorite especially if you can see a place with less people

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      1. I love Venice the best at night! I was only there 3 days so definitely need to go back. On your next trip, please stop into that restaurant if you get a chance I loved it! As far as the name, I’ve had quite a few great suggestions but nothing has come up yet that just felt like ,”aha! That’s perfect!” so I’ve left it for now and am still brainstorming πŸ™‚

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      2. I just had a few thoughts – How about ‘A Royal perspective’, ‘Queen City Eye’, ‘Pretty & Adrift’, ‘Accent to Fashionably Travel’ ‘Queens Style and Travel’ – Hope they help.. Can I also just ask why your blog says Charlotte Fox not Joanna?

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      3. Those are all really cool! Thank you!! Love it. When I first started I didn’t want my name on the blog (just in case I was looking for jobs wanted some anonymity) I live in Charlotte so it’s sort of a nickname and a lot of people think it’s my real name… sometimes I just go with it. haha

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      4. Ah that makes sense… good call. Yeah don’t feel obliged re the names – I was just spitballing. Really enjoy your writing style and how you embrace the themes of fashion and travel. Keep going :-). oh p.s. where is next for the traveling adventure?

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      5. Thank you!! I do appreciate the ideas a lot πŸ™‚ I’m still figuring it out where to go next! I most likely won’t do much traveling until my classes are done in May (I’m a student as well) but I almost always prefer warmer places. Maybe Thailand or my friends in Italy want me to visit Positano so maybe Italy then Croatia? so hard to decide!


  3. Thanks for visiting “Under Western Skies.” You had good timing with the light on Burano. You got the classic “sweet light” late in the day, and you made good use of it. The place is still lovely in midday, but the colors can be more washed out then. And, great to see the place with so few people.

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    1. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing I love how the bright colors contrast with the white sky and if I went any earlier my pictures would be filled with tourists and I love that these look a little different than the typical Burano pics!


  4. I remember eating at the same place twice in Florence. It was so good, that my friend I didn’t care about trying other places. I rarely do that, especially in a city with so many options. Venice is high on my list! Thanks for reminding me. What is your favorite European food? Mine is Italilan.

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  5. Hiya! Top blogging… Counting down the days til our trip to Venice… I have a Q for you…

    Now I know it’s all personal preference but we are debating getting a water taxi from the airport vs a vaporetto. What was your choice? Anything to share on your experience? I’ve heard that nothing beats a water taxi, however the price has me coming over in a cold sweat; is it really worth it over the vaporetto?!



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    1. You’re going to love Venice!! Please go to Al Taverna Remer restaurant if you get a chance. So this was one of my last stops in Europe last summer and I was on a tight budget so I did not do the gondola rides or a water taxi at all! You do get around by boats but I relied on the public transportation boats that were much cheaper (vaporettos). I did hear the water taxis were very nice and depending on how much luggage you have it may be worth it to you. Let me know what you guys do I’d love to hear what you think of Venice!

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