My Sanctuary…

Sanctuary Salon & Spa is the result of my friend Bettina’s love, hard work & creativity. Let me first introduce my friend to you:


What a fox… amiright?! She’s one of those people that you are drawn to immediately.

There’s such a warmth about her & it doesn’t hurt that she’s also a super talented master hairstylist. I seriously want to get my hair done more often than I need to just so I get to hang out with her. This chick actually took me from being brunette (almost black) to blonde/red in ONE sitting {we may have ordered a pizza and drank sangrias to pass the time}. And through some sort of sorcery she’s managed to keep my hair healthy in the process . She tells me like it is and always has my best interest in mind which is such a good feeling in a hairdresser and friend 🙂 She’s the one who introduced me to the wet brush before anyone even knew what that was. And half the hair tips in this post I owe to her.  She also uses Davine’s products which are my favorite and I love the way they make my hair look (and the smell is the best!)

An ode the my brunette self from a couple of years ago before she took me back to my original color:

PicMonkey Collage999

As you might recall, part of my budget for travel meant I skipped on all those little luxuries for myself like getting my hair done on a regular basis. Which means, I haven’t had my hair done in.. a whopping 9 months. Yikes!! I’m a natural redhead/strawberry blonde so I’ve let that grow out & can we just call it an ombré, please? 😉 I was so thrilled when she reached out to me about featuring the Salon because I only feature things I really do love and I always send my friends to her! I was also getting close to cutting my hair with kitchen scissors because it was starting to drive me crazy!

This visit in, she started with a deep conditioning treatment after a shampoo – I loved my hair coming back from Barbados because after a few weeks there it was so much blonder but all those beachy rolling-out-of-bed-straight-to-the-ocean days in the salt water made my hair dry. The deep conditioning treatment did wonders &  that + a cut mean I’ve gotten my shape back, a few new layers, and run your fingers through it soft hair. We skipped color because we are kind of digging my color right now but will be adding blonde again soon likely.

She treated me to an hour session with her massage therapist, Bonnie, which was amazing!! I’ve never had cupping done before and apparently I really needed some work done so I’m feeling loose & limber today. After the massage, I put on a fluffy bathrobe to walk to the next room for an hour facial which incorporated the use of oxygen & microdermabrasion. Blair customizes each session to best meet the needs of her client and (I’ve wanted to try an oxygen facial since I found out it was part of the pre-runway show treatment for the Victoria’s Secret models.) Anyways, my skin really needed some TLC and facials are my favorite spa treatment so I was really excited to try something new!

Blair and I also connected because we’ve been to a lot of the same places and as soon as we got to talking exchanged travel stories which is so much fun… it’s so strange how something like that can instantly bond you because, to quote her, it’s almost like you receive a special kind of education while traveling abroad that is so completely unique and difficult to put into words. She actually got to have a private dinner at the VATICAN while the 3 tenors sang to her & her husband. I know!!

I highly recommend this team of lovely ladies and will always send all my friends there. If you live in the Cornelius/Charlotte area, make an appointment!

I need a calfskin rug in my house



after… voila!



It was dark when I  left the salon so I took some pictures on a different day (those cell phone pictures didn’t do it justice) when the weather was amazing! I love hairstyles that look good from all angles and this braid I did goes around my whole head and only takes a few minutes!



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