Getting Ready in Paris Video

While I was in Paris I decided to turn my camera on while I did my make up & hair since the studio was so cute so here is a clip of me using my wand to curl my hair. (I didn’t talk because I don’t love the sound of my voice.) This studio was an Airbnb and so fairly priced for being on the Seine very close to the Eiffel tower! How ironic that they had a picture of New York behind me? haha I was using a tiny mirrored compact and didn’t even realize the top part of my head was cut off but I’ve had fun playing with my new camera. For those who asked, my pictures are all taken with my iphone5 or on my Canon Rebel Ti 5 I got off Groupon. Please go easy on me as sharing this is a little out of my comfort zone. : ) The studio I stayed in is here. Also the curling wand I got off Groupon years ago and is amazing.

parisgc12parisgkl parisgrparis46

I am very glad my video didn’t turn out like this girl: <; : P

please excuse the unflattering preview picture I’m not sure how to change it. haha : )

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