Sunday Best

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fishtails might be my favorite
fishtails might be my favorite

IMG_z6“Florals?… For Spring?… Groundbreaking” 

I got this dress from Lotus Boutique years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s surprisingly soft and comfortable and I love that it’s long enough to cover my long legs! Their buyer is really good at selecting clothes that have a way of complimenting a woman’s shape and I like classic pieces that don’t go out of style. I know you guys might be sick of this necklace, but I like to keep my jewelry simple for the most part and my cheers necklace is still one of my favorite things. : )

These shoes are from Baker’s (currently out of stock) and they’re so versatile I’ve worn them with everything! They’re also pretty comfortable as far as heels go (which is kind of like finding gold), so when they went on sale I got a second pair in tan (my worn out pair I wear out when I know I’ll be in a bar or somewhere they may get messed up) and a pair in black.

It’s officially starting to feel like summer and that makes me very happy. Counting down the weeks now till I start my adventures overseas! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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38 thoughts on “Sunday Best

  1. It seems that angel is getting ready for spreading the much needed welfare 🙂
    dress is awwwsome as if blue sky has given some of his clouds especially for you to shower happiness. Lucky to follow such genuine persona 🙂

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