April Showers Bring May Flowers

IMG_138453453IMG_14438372783IMG_14906+5435IMG_14875643543IMG_141156+435IMG_151251.31IMG_1373537IMG_1377534IMG_1403545.3IMG_1449537IMG_1515531IMG_14415375IMG_14944242IMG_15075345IMG_15166416+5IMG_145058637IMG_144456375IMG_1477532543IMG_1473654132IMG_137254354IMG_150865347354 IMG_1498654132IMG_15145325132IMG_1451654135IMG_149123.52.24 Forever21 has seriously stepped up their game with the quality of their clothes and bags. This knit sheath dress is only $22.90 and such a good transitional piece for the changing season. I’ve worn it with tights for a professional look and I can pair it with heels for warmer weather.

These Betsey Johnson boots I purchased in grey & black with a Groupon for Nordstrom Rack (winning!) I took them for one last spin before putting them away for Spring. Now is the best time of year to buy boots since they’re all on sale! Similar boots Here.

My marble phone case is from Casetify . Garth Brooks asked me, “Is that real marble?” and I said,” yep. I took a slab off my kitchen counter.” not to name drop or anything 😉

Also we got some really great pictures of me running away from a bee but I want you guys to keep following me so I won’t be posting those 🙂

Cheers for warmer weather!

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