I love New York In Springtime… How about you?



My friend was saying people will think I’ve never been outside before because I think I took a picture of every flower I passed haha! We were making jokes. “Don’t mind her.. she was just released from a compound”


I know it’s funny I put up a snap of this but I tell everyone to buy this from Nordstrom when they do the semi-annual sale


Notice how everyone is wearing jackets? I was in denial about the weather haha

Something about New York always makes me think of Frank Sinatra songs and the lyrics always get stuck in my head!

New York will always be my go to. Every trip I make, I know there’s so much to see but I also know I will always keep coming back so instead of making a crazy itinerary I just see where the city takes me…

My best friend and I needed a weekend getaway and I found round trip tickets for  less than $160 including tax  and we found a really great airbnb for less than $200 a night in Manhattan. I’m still saving to go back to Europe later this summer but it’s hard for me to pass on a quick weekend trip when it’s such a good deal! Here is a coupon for airbnb for you guys!

We are both on budgets so we would grab a bottle of wine and picnic in a park instead of expensive dinners out. Even in a city like NYC you can still find ways to travel cheaply!

This trip had me reminiscing about my first trip to New York when I was 18 and the boss I had worked for for several years who is still a good friend treated me to a weekend trip all expenses paid as a thank you for all the hard work I’d put in. They knew it was my dream to travel and it was probably that first trip that really gave me my first taste of traveling and developed into the love I have for it today. <3

58 thoughts on “I love New York In Springtime… How about you?

  1. Great photo set, and I must say my first impression of you along the river was you look like a princess! Sorry, just being honest. I’ve never been to NYC but would love to go there some day. Good to see you back on WP!

    1. Thank you!! That’s so kind 🙂 I absolutely love New York and am always surprised how much greenery there is. You should definitely make a trip! Thanks I have been so behind but won’t take that long a break from writing again!!

  2. Lovely crisp white dress and your hair and matches with it so well. Besides, gorgeous location that can’t be beaten by anything in the world. Lastly, gorgeous photos as usual. Have an awesome midweek dear.

  3. Thanks for sharing the love for my hometown. I’m eager to spend time with family over the summer. I’m glad that you enjoyed your weekend getaway. Thanks for showing NYC in floral bloom. (P. S. You look amazing in that dress.)

  4. Cute post! Just went to NYC for a day trip a couple days ago. I’m from upstate NY but the city never gets old and you always do or learn something new. The city is at its best in the spring and winter (in my opinion). Hope you come back and visit soon!


      1. Croatia!! I may go there! I’m buying a ticket this week back to Europe and will visit Rome again then head to a new country solo probably. I’ve considered Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden there’s so much I want to see!

      2. Ah nice list… Yes we are heading to split hvar and Brac then onto Bosnia for Mostar. Will let you know how it goes… Very nice where else is on the list? You are always welcome in England remember 😀. Oh and ps we went to santorini as per your advice a couple of weeks ago and it was incredible…

      3. We will. We did Sweden last year also which was beautiful in its own way too. I loved Stockholm… Haven’t been to England? Oh you need to come we can write you a full list of out of the box experiences for London and the U.K… I love this country but do like a new adventure. We really got inspired by your blog about am santorini so thank you we loved it! I even did some diving. Let us know where you decide in europe… Very exciting

  5. I’ve always dreamed of New York in the fall and Paris in the spring. After feasting my eyes on your photographs, I think I might have got things the wrong way round!

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