Best face forward Tips for Beautiful Skin

Summer is upon us! Which for most us means days at the pool or on the lake out in the sun so I wanted to share some of my favorite skin tips!

Have you guys ever tried washing your face with cleansing oils instead of face wash? I absolutely love this method for removing my make up because it feels so moisturizing. I really like this Burt’s Bees one but recently I’ve been using organic grapeseed oil instead and I love it.

I always apply organic rosehip oil on afterwards (kind of like a serum) and follow it with sunscreen. (Always wear sunscreen!)

I also do my honey mask at home a couple of times a week which is really fun for taking silly pictures on snapchat with. 😉 {snappychatty name: sittingprettyin}

If I had to choose between getting my nails done or getting a facial, I always go for a facial because I feel like you’re making an investment in your skin. After all, it is the largest organ of the body so you’d better keep it healthy and looking good! Even when on a budget, I try to get a few facials a year and I was lucky enough to find an amazing certified medical esthetician, Blaire West. Since I started going to her, my skin is looking better than ever and we talk about all kinds of skin related stuff. Blaire suggested I try something called “The Super Facial” and I couldn’t wait to write about it because it’s a game changer!

I got the chance to try the new Rezenerate Facial which is new nano-needling technology (not to be confused with micro-needling) offers maximum product penetration without any pain or trauma to the skin, so there is no required healing time like with other invasive treatments. You’re able to reap the same benefits of those painful treatments (some even requiring anesthetic) by using the nano-needling machine + heat to push the products into the second layer of your skin. This 60 minute facial improves aging, sun spots, acne, or other skin issues with the use of this skin conditioning tool and our professional serums and masks. Each session is customized to use products based on your specific skin needs.

On the second day as I write this, I don’t even need to wear any foundation. My skin looks SO good! If you’re looking for a skin treatment that gives you the best results this is it. The salon even offers discounts if you buy a package rather than single treatments and I’m sold. If you try it, let me know!

What are your favorite skin tips??

On another note… I booked a flight to Rome!! Can’t wait to be back in Italy 🙂

*Thank you so much to Sanctuary Salon & Spa for sponsoring this post! The sweetest girls ever who provide a great service!

Here’s a couple closer shots for you guys to see my skin better (obviously I’m wearing make up in these)

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17 thoughts on “Best face forward Tips for Beautiful Skin

  1. You are so smart to take care of your skin early in your life! That’s something you will thank yourself for when you reach your 50s :). I LOVE using oils to cleanse; in fact, I usually double cleanse in the evening. My first cleanse is a cheaper oil or balm to remove sunscreen and makeup. The second cleanse is usually either a treatment type oil or a cream cleanser if I feel that my skin needs further cleansing. Great post. You’re a lovely girl!

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