Rosey Posey

IMG_758785378IMG_762554354IMG_7588453543IMG_761653753IMG_759553453IMG_760758357IMG_757153543IMG_756958388IMG_756852353IMG_75815375IMG_76015234IMG_76244345IMG_76295445IMG_7578535IMG_75705325.35Roses have been on sale lately and I haven’t been able to resist! There’s something about coming home to a house that smells lovely with pretty flowers and they really brighten the place up.

This dress was under $20 at Forever21 and I’ve been getting a few pieces for summer since last summer all my clothes were pretty much done after traveling all over, handwashing them, then hanging them to dry outside. They were looking a little sad. haha. It’s funny to think about how drying clothes on a clothesline in Italy is such a part of the culture. It simply goes with the architecture, the music, the street noise.

Next month I fly to Rome!!!



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