Positano Magic

After taking the train from Rome to Naples, I made my way to Positano {my favorite place in Italy} It’s beautiful but more than that, the people make it the best for me. South Italy has the friendliest, warmest, good people that I was so excited to see again. I was actually nervous about going back because I almost felt like I would spoil it. Does that make sense? It was so amazing the first time I wondered if it would be the same but it was even better.

I have friends who have made a day trip to Positano and thought it was pretty but I feel like they’re missing out on all the magic of that town. The Amalfi coast is beautiful and a day trip doesn’t do it justice! It was so nice to surprise some friends (locals I’d met last summer) and I always end up extending my stay because I love it so much. Saying good bye was soooo hard but I know I’ll keep coming back forever.


Arienzo lunch


This picture is a little goofy but I was happy in it so I’m leaving it here 🙂


La Terra is the best restaurant to go to! It’s up on the mountain and you have to sit outside and enjoy the amazing view while eating their delicious food!


shrimp at La Terra
mussels at La Terra


I may have forced this picture to happen ^ haha


I wrote this post last year about my stay and how I fell in love with it.

You have to go to…

Best restaurants: 

La Terra restaurant for the view & food. It’s at the top of the mountain and you can get a shuttle there if you’re staying in Positano or a nearby town!

Ristorante da Constantino is my favorite and my friend Aida works there! She is the best and always entertains 🙂 I ate here 3 times this stay! And ate wayyyyy too much.

My favorite bars:

Bar Internazionale –  watering hole for a very casual laid back drink with locals

Music on the Rocks – for dancing and very late nights – its gets busier after 1a.m.  and you can take a dip in the ocean before calling it a night

La Pergola – down on the beach they make amazing craft cocktails

Best beaches:

Take a boat to Adolfo beach and eat everything at the restaurant!

Or walk down the stairs to Arienzo beach and we great food & drinks at the restaurant there as well! I actually went here twice this trip!

If you go to any of these places, please tell them I sent you! They’d be so happy to hear people read about them 🙂

My last day in Positano my friend brought me coffee early in the morning since I had a ferry to catch. I was actually able to fit all my luggage on a scooter and I sat on the back sipping coffee riding down the mountain watching the sun come up. 🌅Some of my favorite memories I don’t have any pictures of but Positano is pure magic and I will always come back here. 

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