Capri for a day


The great thing about staying in Positano is it’s so easy to take a ferry to go see other places! I took a day trip to Capri and honestly had no expectations when I arrived. Of course I’d heard of the famous island but I just got off the boat wide eyed in the morning and first things first had a cup of coffee at Cafe Augusto as soon as I arrived.

The staff was so sweet and friendly! When I travel solo of course you can research on your phone what to do and places to see but I have better luck when I get a cup of coffee and ask the waiters where I should go and what I should see.  They will tell you “skip this, go here it’s cheaper, buy a ticket at the stand here first and the last boat leaves at X time.” And it’s always nice making friends!

They told me to go to Capri town so I took the vernacular up the mountain which was absolutely packed! The views were worth it. I walked around and had a drink at restaurant Faraglioni to beat the heat. They were so nice and I was enjoying the company so I ended up staying and talking a while and they wouldn’t even let me pay! Extremely generous and welcoming staff.

They suggested I go the gardens which was a short walk so I paid the 1 euro entrance fee for the most magnificent views!

I opted to walk down the mountain instead of being crammed in the vernacular and apparently no one else had the same idea because I only saw a handful of people on my walk down but I got the best pictures and different views going this way! I cautiously went swimming at the beach by the port. ( I had my bag with me #solotravelprobs) And I took the last boat back to Positano. Capri was beautiful but you really need a few days here to see everything!

7 thoughts on “Capri for a day

    1. Thank you, Katelon!! The town is so beautiful so I was excited to see the pictures from this day! haha I get that a lot but it’s just my natural style I’ve always gravitated towards more feminine pieces but I did bring some tennis shoes this summer too 🙂

  1. Looks stunning! And yay for asking around instead of using our ol’ friend Google, this way you can always get the hidden gems Google doesn’t even know about 😉

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