Lake Como

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Getting to Como was crazy.. haha but it was so worth getting here! I took a ferry from Ischia (an island near Capri) to Naples, train to Rome, flew from Rome to Milan LIN airport, shuttle from LIN airport to Malpensa airport, then took several different train connections to get to Lago Como and barely made the very last bus!! It was a full day haha

I was in Lake Como for 3 days and the first 2 days it was raining, storming, and the temperature was in the 50’s! I did not pack for cold weather and I was absolutely freezing. I went to some shops but one look at the designer price tag and I decided to go without a sweater. I actually thought about just buying a blanket or something because I was so cold but didn’t want to buy a fancy expensive jacket or sweater. haha

Thank goodness it cleared up and was 80 degrees my last full day. It was like staying in 2 different places when the weather changed. The color of the water changed and I really enjoyed walking around and seeing everything!

I spent 2 nights in Menaggio and 1 night in Veranna with a day trip to Bellagio (10 minute ferry ride) I stayed at the sweetest bed & breakfast so I had to include a pic for her.



Como was a lot quieter than I was anticipating! In hindsight, I wish I had flown into Milan from the U.S. and stayed here first to get over the jet lag and read a few books and relaxed here. The towns are so quaint, serene, and lovely but public transportation ends at 8p.m. which was surprising to me and in the evenings everyone seemed to turn in early. It reminded me a lot of the quiet towns of Tuscany I’ve stayed in.

It was different after coming from towns where you don’t go to dinner until 8p.m, 9p.m., 10p.m., and here we ate very early and I was offered chamomile tea at 8p.m. after dinner “to help me sleep” so maybe not the best for night owls like me but I still enjoyed the beauty of the place!

I filmed a short video and will be posting it soon! XO



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33 thoughts on “Lake Como

  1. Wow,what a maze to get there. I admire your ability to travel alone in foreign countries. I travel alone in the states but it seems different. That one picture of you is beautiful! Lake Como looks lovely. No wonder George Clooney has a house there.


  2. Como is very nice. An italian friend of mine has a house there. We had a reunion last year of all the friends who climbed Mont-Blanc 25 years ago. We almost died but made it safely back down the mountain. It was nice to re-unite.
    And you are right: Como can be coooooold.

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    1. That sounds like such an amazing experience!! What a great reason to go! I actually got really sick due to the cold weather I think and I didn’t get the weather memo so I only had sun dresses and bikinis. haha. How nice to have a friend there you can visit! Regardless of the temperature it is stunning.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In the long run, it helps. I learned spanish as a second language. That then helped me learn Portuguese in the street, in Brazil, Traveling as you do now. I just need to keep the two well separated in my mind, like with walls. italian? I finished High school in a place where many spoke italian, so i picked up a bit. The advantage is that italian is closer to french, my mother tongue, so it helps to find words. Like: “La porte” in french, “la porta” in Italian. At the end of the day, I find, that anywhere in the world when you try to speak the local language, people are so happy that you make the effort, they end up helping you find your words, right? Ciao, ciao Signorina.

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      2. I agree!! I think it’s polite to make the effort but I will say in Paris they asked me not to speak French (jokingly the locals gave me a hard time) but normally they are encouraging! It takes me a bit to build my confidence with speaking different languages but I do smile a lot and do a little dance of charades that normally at least makes people laugh if nothing else!

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      3. I can imagine you twisting your way away from any situation. Except for the French. My compatriots have a very dry sense of humour, difficult to identify if you don’t speak the language. 😉


  3. Charlotte, your photos around Lake Como are great. I like Como, Bellagio, and especially Veranna. However, Lake Maggiore is still my favorite. Next time in Northern Italy, check out Canneros Riviera and btw, the Hotel Canneros is fantastic.
    PS: I live in South Charlotte off Carmel Rd., down near Hwy 51. Ciao

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