I shared this photo previously it’s a shot of Positano from Praiano and my new friends saw there was no where to sit – all the beds were full on the beach so I climbed these rocks and was rewarded with the best view! They brought me drinks since they felt bad I could’t get service up on the rocks! haha so sweet. Grazie Tony & Maria! 


I had never been to Praiano before this summer! I had seen the twinkling lights and even fireworks and was so curious about the town. This trip I went to Praiano during the day for the beach club and at night it’s so pretty! They were having a festival of lights and just driving through the town you see all the streets light up with candles!! It was gorgeous and I went to Il Pirata for some good food & wine and a great view of the boats. These pictures were taken on the same day I went to Amalfi & Revello and after a day of swimming 🙂 Next time I’d like to spend more time here.

Oh and I had to share a clip of the watermelon party at the beach club (yes, that’s a thing!)

When someone brings a watermelon out they go crazy!

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      1. I only spent an hour in Milan but I spent several days everywhere else! Venice (my favorite restaurant Taverna al remer). Florence is amazing I need to write a post about my stay there! While in Sorrento make your way down the coast!

      2. I’m only spending a night in Milan. It was cheaper for me to flight to Milan than anywhere else. I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip.

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