Ravello & Amalfi


Up in the clouds is where you’ll find me 🙂 These pictures of me were taken at a villa in Ravello and I also spent some time in Amalfi.

Isn’t it crazy how one side of the mountain is so cloudy you actually feel like you’re walking around in the clouds at the tip top then a short walk later you’re in the sun again! For these 2 towns I would suggest maybe spending a couple of hours at each one but I just walked around and headed back to Praiano.

Praiano & Positano definitely have more things to do but these towns are so lovely to see & spend a little time! It felt like I was in heaven!

Also, part of packing light means I didn’t bring a ton of outfits.  I broke the fashion blogger rule of repeating outfits in pictures but the travel blogger side of me is thankful my luggage was so light 🙂 I also sometimes would wake up to run errands and end up going on these crazy day trips without much planning so it didn’t even occur to me, “oh I already have a ton of pics in this dress…” That’s what happens when you’re having fun!

Hope you enjoy my post!



13 thoughts on “Ravello & Amalfi

  1. It makes sense to me that you’d pack light and wear the same thing over and over. I like that you show that.

    Lovely picture. Seems like you could spend days in each of these cities.

    1. Yeah! I opted to bring just a few outfits which I’m so glad I did! I thought the same as you – but honestly spent less than an hour in each town. They’re lovely to see but there’s not much there. I thought I was going to stay a lot longer!

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