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c10c11c12c13ccccccYou guys are going to think I’m crazy. But remember how I talked about being indecisive and how that was a bit of a struggle? After Como I had planned on going to possibly Switzerland or France but I was going to make a decision based on the best flight deals. (Also I really wanted warmer weather again!) I found an amazing deal for a flight to Sardinia out of Milan and I waited to book it and then it sold out.. haha So saving that for next time. The cheapest flight was actually back to Naples. I really liked Capri and had only spent a few hours there and the people were so nice so I decided to fly to Napoli and ferry to Capri for a few nights.

I found a very modest single room for 50 euro which is a steal in Capri! I was open to staying in hostels but I ended up always finding a great deal on Airbnb so I only stayed in Airbnb’s this whole trip! Travel coupon for you guys here.

I stayed in Anacapri which turns out is pretty much all locals! Immediately I got invited to a birthday party and I had been planning on exploring Capri town anyways so I joined some new friends and they told me all the best places. Of course we ended up at a gorgeous villa as one does in Capri. I will say Capri is like the Beverly Hills of this region. So swanky. The prettiest sight was the boats all lit up in the bay at night!

The next day I did some exploring and the locals told me the best beach to go to is faraglioni and I paid to go to the beach club there. The food was the best meal I’d had in a while! Capri beaches are different than you might expect. There’s lots of rocks and no sand but they’re gorgeous!  I did a terrible job at capturing things on camera but I don’t bring much with me to the beach. But view this previous post for more pics.

I took the bus back to my room and was messaging my friends in Positano. I hopped in the shower and the last text I had sent told them “there IS a late ferry today that leaves at 7p.m.” totally joking. Truthfully, I was missing them and I was so close to Positano it almost seemed silly not to go see them. I got out of the shower around 6:30p.m. and they had said,”oh great!” And just like that I threw my stuff into my bag and with wet hair ran to the lobby to check out. I basically explained that I was going to try to take the last ferry and if I missed it I would be back. They looked at me like I was insane. Crazy American girls.

I always try to save money by taking public buses but in this case I would be lucky to make the boat in time so I paid for a taxi and he was more stressed than I was about making the ferry! He said, “do you have a ticket?” “nope” He shook his head. haha We got to the port at 6:59p.m.!!!! I gave him cash and RAN to the boat with my arms full of luggage. They were pulling  up the ramp and actually still let me on even though I didn’t have a ticket. I had just enough cash to pay them on the ferry and I sat with the crew (not up top with the patrons) I was a hot mess. Out of breath, wet hair, and I just sat there and put my make up on.  I messaged my friends that I was coming.

Off the boat in Positano I still couldn’t believe what I just did. Less than an hour ago I was planning on going back to Capri town but the spontaneity of it all was exciting and I couldn’t wait to see my friends. Less than 5 minutes off the boat I was already double kissing familiar faces and the funniest thing is that they didn’t believe me when I said I made the ferry! They were thinking, “no way would she come back here she’s joking she’s not really coming”. It was so fun to surprise them and we had dinner at da Constantino once again. SUCH good food. I couldn’t even eat all the food we ordered!

And the next day I was off to Finland.

A reader shared with me a french song about a love story in Capri link to listen here.

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25 thoughts on “Back to Capri

  1. I saw that you liked my post about the complimentary cruise to the Bahamas. I also noticed that you prefer to travel solo. It’s for up to two, but you don’t have to take a second traveler with you. Let me know if you’re interested!

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      1. Oh then that would make you a great contestant for this! I would love to give you more details about the contest. What would be the best way to give you the information?


  2. Woah! I was in Capri in the summer of 2017, I loved it! A teacher from my school, three other students, and I took a tour through Greece and Italy. I loved the look of the water around Capri. I wish I could have bought one of their famous bell-necklace.

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