How to go on vacation and not gain weight



So last summer I studied in Italy and I really immersed myself in every part of the culture… mainly the food! I think you should really enjoy yourself yourself on vacation and this time around I didn’t limit myself a ton but I did make different choices when it came to what I ordered.

Last summer I indulged in pasta and pizza regularly and gelato twice a day sometimes! It was the best authentic Italian food and I quite literally lapped it all up. But I came home a little curvier, my face a little rounder, and you won’t believe it  but someone went in my closet when I was gone and shrunk all of my pants! 😉 Even walking many miles a day doesn’t cancel out all the carbs I was eating and the calories I consumed.

This trip since I’ve tried a lot of Italian food already, I didn’t feel the need to eat pizza and pasta every day and I paid more attention to what the Italians eat. My Italian friends seem to eat more fish, meat, and vegetables. They actually didn’t order pasta once. My new favorite dish is carpaccio which is thinly sliced fish or meat and I always ask for lots of lemons on the side. On the coast I would eat mussels or shrimp with a side of vegetables & lemons of course. I would also order caprese a lot or a meat & cheese plate.  When I did order pizza or pasta I would try not to finish the whole thing. “Taste everything, eat nothing” is a phrase I’d heard before and honestly thought it was a little silly but you can eat all the bad foods in moderation and still enjoy yourself!

I don’t weigh myself regularly but I just happened to before this trip and again when I got back and I weighed the exact same! So I feel like this approach really helped me and when I go back I’ll do the same thing!

9 thoughts on “How to go on vacation and not gain weight

  1. Walking everywhere definitely helped us in the land of carbs! I wanted to ask you are personal question. I know you have said that travel companies found you via Instagram could you divulge which companies they were or how much you’re fortunate to make on a blog? Getting started myself and looking for guidance. You’re such an inspiration. If you don’t want to comment here my email is thanks girl!

    1. Oooh yes I walked and walked and walked but still couldn’t fit in my clothes last summer! haha it does help though! Honestly the thing about a blog is that things vary from time to time and the majority of my posts are not sponsored at all (if they are I try to disclose that to my readers) A site I can recommend joining once you have steady traffic is! I’ll think on the question and try to come up with more tips for you! <3

  2. Before going to US, I was told I should expect gaining weight because their food was so much more fattening (which is what)
    Thankfully, it was cancelled out by my insane amount of walking 😉

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