After Italy, I headed to Finland and it was a lot different than I expected!! I read that it stays light later that far north (sometimes the sun doesn’t set until close to midnight) and I was thinking people will stay up later if it’s lighter later… I was very wrong. haha

Helsinki was the quietest place I’ve ever been! I arrived before midnight and had been traveling for a while so was looking forward to dinner. I picked an airbnb downtown so I could see more of the city and when I asked my driver where I could get food this late he had to break the news to me that there wasn’t anywhere to get food. “Ok maybe I’ll drop my things off and walk around and see if there’s a bar still serving snacks.” “No bars are open in Helskini past 10 or 11” I was sooo bummed. He surprised me and took me to this amazing kabob place. The only place in Helskini open late. He even came in with me and helped me choose the best one to get.

Driving through the streets of downtown at night was peaceful and I was so surprised that there wasn’t a single person out! No one walking around everyone seemed to be asleep.

The next morning I walked down by the harbor and to some of the busier streets of downtown. If you follow me on snapchat, you know I was so surprised how silent everything seemed to be! The people here are so polite but not extremely friendly and I felt like I had to whisper wherever I went because everyone was so soft spoken! Even in really busy restaurants it seemed like I was in the quiet section of the library.

After Helsinki I headed to Paris ❀

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24 thoughts on “Finland

  1. Wow, you’ve stayed quite close to where I live. A very nice and pretty neighbourhood if I say so myself πŸ™‚ But yeah, now that the holiday season is basically over and everyone’s back at work, the streets of Helsinki are very quiet by night. Except on Wednesdays (all the students out having a party), Fridays and Saturdays when people let their hair down. On any other night, there might be the odd dog walker and nothing much else. But hope you still liked Helsinki!

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      1. So cool you liked it here! I hope you get a chance to come back sometime! Us Finns are pretty reserved at first but we’ll warm up πŸ™‚ During summer we are out and about until the small hours but when summer is over we tend to stay at home much more.

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      2. I really enjoyed Finland it was sooo different from the Italians so it took a little getting used to! Yes, I’d love to come back during the months where Finns are out and about more for sure! And would love to spend more time. ❀


  2. Quite different from Italy. Hope you enjoyed your Kebab Johanna. (It is Johanna right? The other day I was thinking “Charlotte) πŸ˜‰ Northern european towns are quiet. So next stop is Paris! My “Home town” Look so forward to it. Ciao ciao. Au revoir.

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      1. I will then call you Charlotte-Jeanne, a typical French name. πŸ˜‰ I saw – briefly – your Paris post before I fell to a nasty flu. I will give it all due time and consideration. Arrivederci, Charlotte-Jeanne.
        B. πŸ˜‰


    1. I was like… they are surely joking with me. haha! No, they were serious! I’m such a night owl and anticipated dropping my bags and going out for a bit and there was no business open besides the kebab place. I was skeptical but we drove through so many streets downtown and didn’t see a single soul! I’d never seen a big city like that I like that I saw a different culture.

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  3. I can gather from your account how peaceful and tranquil everything is in Helsinki. Nothing open after 11 pm, that’s a big surprise, considering the European night life is alive according to common notion. That is one aspect of the city I wasn’t aware of! Your pictures speak a thousand words! I would also like to see how Helsinki looks before midnight πŸ™‚

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