6 Steps to Become a Morning Person

Full disclaimer – I used to be the worst in the mornings. Hitting snooze when I knew I shouldn’t and rushing around. I’d even have that argument with myself that went something like this, “Okay alarm is going off… how much time do you need to get ready? Like 35-40 minutes-ish? LIES. What do I need to do? shower, blow dry my hair, do my make up, get dressed, make coffee.. Someone said your hair looked really good last week when you didn’t do your hair.. Do you need to really do it? YES. nooooo. LIES. 20 more minutes added to sleep. What else can I skip? Don’t make coffee? Well now you’re just being a crazy person.”

I am happy to say I am now a morning person. It took a while to figure out what worked for me but I want to share my tips with you guys because I actually look forward to my mornings now and I never thought I’d even say that! So hopefully this helps someone out there πŸ™‚

So starting the night before I try to wind down and avoid looking at screens right before bed. I shower at night as part of a way to relax me and put on my eye cream & lip treatment. I sleep better when my bed is somewhat neat and I may spritz a little aromatherapy or room freshner.

1. Give yourself a bedtime. I used to go to bed way too late because I wasn’t tired until close to midnight but I started giving myself a bedtime – yes I’m serious – around 10p.m. and for a long time when I did this I would just lay there but over time I started falling asleep earlier and waking up naturally earlier.

2. Plan breakfast the night before. Sometime before I fall asleep I put in a mobile order for a breakfast smoothie at my favorite juice bar that’s on the way to work. It’s so easy! I pick a time I want it ready and run in and grab it. And I keep breakfast bars stashed in all my purses so I can eat on the go. This is also a good idea if you’re a “snoozer” because I know my smoothie will be ready at a certain time and I’m excited to have it so it’s a good motivator for me to get up.

3. No snooze! I started putting my alarm across the room so I would physically have to get up to turn it off and wouldn’t be tempted to hit “snooze”. I realized when I used to hit snooze I woke up more tired than if I just got up the first time (anyone else notice that?)

4. White noise, you amazing thing, you. I use a white noise fan and also use a free white noise app on my phone as a backup when traveling (brown noise is my favorite setting it’s a little softer). I first downloaded it when I was visiting NYC and couldn’t sleep with the city noise and now I use it every night.

5. Less caffeine. I have greatly reduced my caffeine intake (I was an addict and now just have a little in the morning before I leave the house). I love a cold brew – I get mine at Starbucks the day before so it’s ready for me in the fridge right when I wake up and I get so excited to have it and sit and do my make up while I sip it. I think about my coffee before I fall asleep πŸ™‚ haha. But I have less caffeine and having it earlier in the day means I sleep better at night and stay asleep. Also I don’t feel so dependent on it which is nice.

6. Wait an hour before checking social media and e-mails. I used to probably lay in bed at least 10 minutes if not more checking various things on my phone right when I woke up and honestly none of it is that urgent. I give myself an hour and then check all my messages. It lets me make better use of my time and focus on my morning.

I really look forward to my whole morning experience now and it’s one of my favorite times of day. It’s so peaceful to get up early and not rush and enjoy your coffee and sets the tone for the day.

What have you guys found that works for you?! Would love to hear your tips Xo

Ocean Isle short clip here. Β Loved sipping coffee on this porch!

18 thoughts on “6 Steps to Become a Morning Person

  1. Morning is so beautiful: fresh and waiting for so many possibilities. But, I too slept through it whenever I could. Like you, I set up a routine that would roust me from bed earlier. A bed time is most important. I don’t like the white noise machine when I go to bed — but do you know what? It keeps me sleeping all night, something I’ve not done ever in my whole life.
    So I second your advice. So many good ideas. Happy mornings!

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  2. Using noise cancelling headset really helps when sleeping on planes, trains and noisy environments. I also recommend DigiPill app this has different Meditation and Relaxation options, that knock me out very quickly, resulting in a deep sleep and early start

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  3. I love mornings as well! I find myself being what I have deemed a “slow riser” I take my time getting up. With having a schedule that is ever changing (some days I have to be at work at either 7am or 3pm) so I find it hard having a consistent “routine” daily but mornings are some of my favorite moments!

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