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land that i love

The question I get asked the most is… “Where are you from?” American and proud of it : ) I’m based in Charlotte, North Carolina ,”The Queen City”, and it’s such a beautiful place to live. I love the mountains and the sea and we’re not far from either so it’s the best of both… Continue reading land that i love

Lace and Braids

I just want to thank everyone who has messaged me privately and on the blog for the kind words of encouragement. Little things like that make my day and it really makes me want to keep up what I’m doing if I know people appreciate it! It’s funny, when I started this blog I was… Continue reading Lace and Braids

What’s cookin’ Good lookin’

This year I’ve made it a point to learn my way around the kitchen (sometimes this turns out to be hilarious) but so far every meal I’ve attempted has turned out great and now I feel way more confident in my cooking style. In this post here I mentioned how my idea of hosting was… Continue reading What’s cookin’ Good lookin’

Headband Braid

If you want to do a double headband braid, repeat from the other side. I normally pull my braids apart for a thicker look. I didn't wear any extensions here, but you could incorporate them easily into this if you wanted.

This is such a simple style that takes only a couple minutes and my favorite braids are fishtail with this look (but those can take a while to do and I did this just sitting on my patio haha) XOXO Joanna <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”addab91f3b245df56cb0589f39ade9a9″/>


Hope everyone is having a great week! I purchased my plane tickets to Greece and from Greece to Italy but am still figuring out hotel situations. The islands I’m leaning towards are Santorini & Mykonos so If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear about your experience! One piece purchased here : ) Stay tuned… lots… Continue reading Dope

Red Siren Swimwear

I’m finally allowed to share pictures from a shoot I did with Red Siren Swimwear a couple weeks ago! I met the creator/designer of the swimsuit line when she came over to my condo with my roommate. We started talking swimwear and my eyes got really big and I got so excited I actually went to… Continue reading Red Siren Swimwear

Pigtails & Pineapples

Turns out I am a woman of many talents. I can balance a pineapple on my head for a really long time. Definitely adding that one to the resume. Bikini purchased here. I booked my ticket to Greece and will be starting there before heading to Italy!Hope everyone is having a great week! XO