Soft Hair with Nanoil


My hair needed some TLC after being in the salty waters of the Mediterranean! I was on the hunt for a remedy… a good deep conditioning treatment wasn’t cutting it and coincidentally, Nanoil was kind enough to send me some of their hair oil.

Typically, I don’t use any products on my hair on a regular basis (besides shampoo + conditioner) but my ends were dry and tangly. After taking an online quiz on their website about my hair’s texture, I was recommended oil for medium porosity hair.

I think 1 pump is plenty… it goes a long way! After trying it a few different ways, I prefer to blow dry my hair first then use a pump just on my ends and they are so much softer, healthier, and manageable! I apply some on my ends after I’ve finished brushing my hair (if you brush your hair, you’ll spread the oil throughout and I like more volume on top)  I noticed it also helps my hair hold a style whether I’m wearing it straight or curled a bit.  This post I wrote years ago about how I do my hair and here’s some of my favorite braids. In this video from Paris I show how I curl my hair with my favorite wand. {less than 5 minutes!}What are your hair tips?

*As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you, Nanoil!

Croatia post is in the works!  My phone was stolen (which honestly wasn’t the worst thing – I’ve been SO productive!)



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  1. I use coconut oil on my hair after putting conditioner on it. I just the conditioner you normally wash out, but for my fine wavy to curly hair it works 🙂

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