The Yacht Week: Croatia



*borrowed from a drone pic of our group!


*borrowed from a drone pic of our group!


I spent my birthday in Croatia and we did The Yacht Week which was incredible! I have been wanting to go to Croatia for years! I tried to go in 2015 when I was in Greece before heading to Italy and we didn’t have enough time… last year I actually had a flight booked home from Croatia but decided to stay in Italy longer and save it for another time. So that made Croatia extra special for me because I had to wait for it.

The Yacht Week in particular was amazing. We did the Ultra route and it’s already inspired a few posts (how to pack, what to expect.. I feel like next time I will be a pro!) I have been to concerts but it didn’t occur to me until I was there I’ve never been to a music festival before! So lots of firsts this trip and along the way made friends, had great food, and had many experiences I’ll never forget. It really is the experience of a lifetime!

I enjoyed myself so much I hardly stopped to take pictures so many are borrowed {also so did not want to be that girl dropping her camera overboard haha}. I actually wish I documented more because I don’t want to forget anything but some things you can’t capture in a picture. Like the stars were out of this world – I swear you could see the Milky Way at night on the boat away from city lights. I’ve been in rural parts of Italy where I saw tons of stars but not like this.

If you’re thinking about doing The Yacht Week I absolutely recommend it and I can’t wait to write about it more. Every day I would say, “yesterday was my favorite day” and then we would top it the next day. Here’s a few pics I wanted to share with you guys! ahh I wish I was on the front of the boat right now drinking a glass of champagne watching the sun come up.



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46 thoughts on “The Yacht Week: Croatia

  1. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing trip!! Happy Birthday!! I just recently started following your blog. Thank you so much for the like on my post last week, by the way! I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago, and am still trying to figure all of this out. I’m in the process of going back and reading your previous posts. You seem to have a lot of really great experiences around the world. I love your positivity, and look forward to reading more about your adventures!

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  2. Happy B-Birthday to you Joanna you look beautiful! Looks like you had a blast and I’m glad you shared it his place is awesome, I would love to visit soon. Have a wonderful day!

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    1. It will be amazing! There’s a square in Split that is very historic and beautiful and has many cafe style restaurants we frequented that was my favorite! We went there every day we stayed in Spit It’s by the water called Old Market Square I think out of 6 of the restaurants we ate at 5. haha loved sitting and having coffee or prosecco and people watching for hours. We did some excursions I’ll write about too 🙂

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  3. Ahh this is amazing!! I’m on the exact same boat as you (pun intended) in that I’ve wanted to go to Croatia for the last year but always had to change the plan! Hopefully will be able to organise a trip by next summer 😍 looks incredible those pics have given me so much inspo! Yacht week just gives me life

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    1. It is the best week of your life!! Those other times it wasn’t meant to work out I ended up going at the perfect time with the perfect group of people and it was so much more fun!!! I’m glad I waited to go 💗hey maybe next summer we can share a boat 😜

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