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Headband Braid

If you want to do a double headband braid, repeat from the other side. I normally pull my braids apart for a thicker look. I didn't wear any extensions here, but you could incorporate them easily into this if you wanted.

This is such a simple style that takes only a couple minutes and my favorite braids are fishtail with this look (but those can take a while to do and I did this just sitting on my patio haha) XOXO Joanna <meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”addab91f3b245df56cb0589f39ade9a9″/>


Hope everyone is having a great week! I purchased my plane tickets to Greece and from Greece to Italy but am still figuring out hotel situations. The islands I’m leaning towards are Santorini & Mykonos so If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear about your experience! One piece purchased here : ) Stay tuned… lots… Continue reading Dope

Red Siren Swimwear

I’m finally allowed to share pictures from a shoot I did with Red Siren Swimwear a couple weeks ago! I met the creator/designer of the swimsuit line when she came over to my condo with my roommate. We started talking swimwear and my eyes got really big and I got so excited I actually went to… Continue reading Red Siren Swimwear

Pigtails & Pineapples

Turns out I am a woman of many talents. I can balance a pineapple on my head for a really long time. Definitely adding that one to the resume. Bikini purchased here. I booked my ticket to Greece and will be starting there before heading to Italy!Hope everyone is having a great week! XO


The lovely team at Rocksbox sent me some gorgeous pieces and it was a reason to celebrate! Use code sittingprettyinthequeencityxoxo to receive 1 FREE month of their high end rented jewelry!! Each package contains on average $200 of designer jewelry and you keep it until you’re ready to swap it out for some new pieces!… Continue reading Rocksbox!

Hint of Mint

Ring: Kingston Boutique C/O Earrings: Kingston Boutique C/O Dress: Sabo Skirt (mint dress here) I felt like a princess in this dress! I purchased it from a retailer overseas but here is a less expensive version here. Kingston Boutique‘s website has some beautiful and inexpensive pieces. Check them out at  http://kingstonboutique.com/! Also if you ever have a… Continue reading Hint of Mint